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PUBG Mobile Season 10 is arriving on November 9: Here’s what we know

Less than a week left for the arrival of PUBG Mobile Season 10! Yes, the next season of PUBG Mobile is arriving on November 9 with a couple of new features in the game. Other than the release date, there are no other official announcements so far. But what the fans can certainly analyse the already posted tweets and the rumours that are floating around.

On a recent tweet from official PUBG Mobile account, they revealed the release date,

PUBG Mobile Season 10 theme (Update: “The Wasteland” is confirmed now)

The theme of PUBG Mobile season 10 is yet to be revealed officially. But from the above tweet, fans can speculate that it might have any connection with healing.

If we analyse the tweeted photo, it shows a wounded soldier who is trying to heal. And there is a Medikit and painkillers around the crate. This could mean that there will be plenty of Royale Pass missions involving healing. The graffiti on the crate is also something new. Probably this can be another new graffiti in the game? maybe!

However, the rumours suggest that the theme will be “The Wasteland”. Look the photo below for the rumoured Season 10 Royale Pass logo.

PUBG Mobile Season 10, PUBG Mobile season 10 RP
PUBG Mobile Season 10 Royale Pass

Is the rumour of ‘Recall Towers’ becoming true in Season 10?

As you can already see that the new season will surely have something to do with healing so there is a high chance that the game will introduce ‘Recall Towers’. If you do not know about recall towers, they are basically a spawn point where players can bring back their dead teammates. Players can collect the player’s ID from the crate once they are dead and go to a recall twoer to bring them back again. The photo that is attached below can explain it,

recall towers in pubg mobile, PUBG Mobile tips and tricks
Reviving teammates through the Recall Tower in PUBG Mobile

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Other features

Nothing is official yet other than the release date. But the fans may expect to see Erangel 2.0 as well. We will keep you updated as we find more information!

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