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PMCO Fall Split SA Finals 2019: Everything you need to know

PUBG Mobile fans are excited for the world’s biggest PUBG Mobile eSports Tournament in India (regional finals), PMCO Fall Split SA Finals 2019. After the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Spring Split 2019 24 teams have qualified for the regionals finals, like Team SouL, Orange Rock and Team INS.

What to expect in the finals

There is a huge prize pool of 2.5 million USD and a trophy top PUBG Mobile teams will be competing for. In the PMCO Spring Split Regional Finals, team SouL not only represented India globally but also won those finals.

How to watch the PMCO Fall Split India Finals 2019

People that live near Delhi, India, or are ready to travel, can watch the tournament for free by visiting the KD Jadhav Indoor Hall. VIP tickets are also available for purchase online here.

But for the people who are unable to go to that location can watch this event live on YouTube on their PUBG Mobile eSports Channel. 

The Play-Ins are November 6-7 and the Regional Finals are November 8-10 of 2019. So don’t miss out!

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Teams that have qualified for the regional finals

24 teams have qualified for the South Asia Play-ins and these are the teams that we will see in the PMCO Fall Split SA Finals 2019!

  1. Orange Rock- 251 points
  2. Mega X- 208 points
  3. XSpark- 194 points
  4. Solti Squad- 168 points
  5. 8Bit- 138 points
  6. Mega Stars- 135 points
  7. Synerge Retribution- 132 points
  8. Maximus X- 131 points
  9. INS- 114 points
  10. Blind- 113 points
  11. Team Soul- 112 points
  12. ORB Official- 106 points
  13. Elementrix- 99 points
  14. RIP OFFICIAL- 96 points
  15. Entity Gaming- 93 points
  16. Team IND- 92 points
  17. Reckoning Esports- 90 points
  18. Zero Degree- 88 points
  19. ETG.Brawlers- 88 points
  20. Synerge- 83 points
  21. Mayhem- 82 points
  22. Nepali Ho Ni- 82 points
  23. Godlike- 81 points
  24. TRUSTDPROCESS- 79 points

What do you think? who is going to be the champion? Do let us know in the comments below! And for more Mobile Gaming related discussion feel free to join our Discord Server!

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