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PUBG Mobile news: Teaming up with opponents will lead to a permanent ban

PUBG Mobile developers have been very strict about malicious behaviours in the game. Be it cheating, hacking, modification of game files or any other bug exploitation, any unfair practices are taken seriously in PUBG Mobile. Now, on a recent announcement in the official PUBG Mobile discord, the Operations Team have made it clear that teaming up with opponents will reward the payers with account ban.

What is teaming up with opponents in PUBG Mobile

Sometimes we find that players from other teams do not kill each other. Rather, they stack up together and kill the rest. While this sounds interesting to many, it affects the overall gameplay for a larger player pool. Recently, the PUBG Mobile system has been detecting this very frequently, so they came up with a proper announcement where they have clearly mentioned that, at the first case the player will be given a warning and 1-day ban. However, the repeated offender will get a permanent account ban.

Here is what the PUBG Mobile Operations Team said on Discord,

PUBG MOBILE’s official team is dedicated to providing you with a fair gaming environment by punishing players who disturb this environment.

We have discovered an increasing number of players teaming up with opponents (for example, teamers in the solo game mode), which negatively affects the gaming experience for others. The PUBG MOBILE Operations Team has started to crack down on these players. When our system detects this kind of malicious behavior for the first time, a ban of 1 day will be issued as a warning. Repeated offense will result in a loss of tier points and a longer ban will be issued.

The PUBG MOBILE Operations Team will continue to protect the gaming environment for those who play by the rules. We ask all players for their support in our continued enforcement. Please respect the game rules and play fair. Should you have a concern with behavior in-game, please use the report function for our team to assess the situation and take appropriate action.

PUBG MOBILE Operations Team

PUBG Mobile Teaming up with opponents
PUBG Mobile Operation Team’s statement on Teaming up with opponents

Avoid unfair practices to safeguard your account

Please refrain from using any kind of unfair practices in PUBG Mobile, specially cheats and hacks. Once you get a permanent ban, there’s no way out. So it is better to take the precaution before it is too late.

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