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Cheaters are inclined towards Modification of Game data in PUBG Mobile

Once again, Tencent Games took a huge step and banned several PUBG Mobile accounts. As you all know, PUBG Mobile makes a list of cheaters every week. And after checking it, they commit a 10-year ban to every player caught cheating. This week a total of 5,124 accounts were eliminated from the PUBG Mobile servers. Shockingly more than 50% of cheaters were banned due to modification of game data in PUBG Mobile. This happens only when the cheaters manipulate the game folder during runtime. PUBG Mobile reported in their discord server:

We continue to suspend cheaters as a part of our commitment to fair gameplay. Below is a random statistics selection of players suspended in the past day.

Along with this staff, the team has also uncovered the list of some players that are banned during this process with precise reason. Pointing towards a particular region, a maximum number of players were banned from the Asia region by crossing a mark of 3,000.

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Focusing on the reason for which all these cheaters have been prohibited, then most of the cheaters have been found doing modification of runtime game data in PUBG Mobile. As well as over 1,000 players were also observed and banned for the usage of auto-aiming.

List of banned accounts based on different factors

Modification of Game data in PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile ban wave
PUBG Mobile ban wave

Although the PUBG Mobile ban wave is nothing new to the community, the result is. It is surprising to see that cheaters are now attracted towards game file modification over aimbot feature.

If you ever suspect any player while playing, you can report it to the staff team via the report button. By doing this, the game will become fairer to the legit players.

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Ravi shukla

Someone hacked my account and done something wrong with my account. I need my account back please it’s very important and valuable for me.

My account user id: 5263332766
Nickname : 「Rv」๛

Thank you
Your sincerely
Ravi shukla

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