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PUBG Mobile or BGMI to implement an improved speech recognition system to control malicious word fights

No more malicious and obscene words in in-game voice chat!

In PUBG Mobile Dev Talk 2.0 part 3, it has been said that the developers will work to bring in a new and improved speech recognition system to filter out malicious and obscene words from the in-game voice chat. The Dev Talk is a routine communication between the developers and the players to discuss player feedback and bring in new changes according to it, or update the game in whatever way necessary.

The improved speech recognition system will filter out any form of inappropriate language from the players

It is a very frequent occurrence in PUBG Mobile that the players resort to the usage of abusive and inappropriate language to express themselves or just for the sake of it. It promotes a toxic environment in the game where in moments of rage, fueled by adrenaline, the players use an excess of abusive vocabulary to express their annoyance at their teammates for making a mistake or such.

This affects the targeted player and goes against the game policy to provide a healthy gaming experience for everyone. Offensive and racist remarks are common in chat on the plane, which should not be acceptable by any means.

Thus, taking these negative effects into account, the developers will work to implement a new speech recognition system to cut down the use of such offensive language and make the game more fun to play than toxic. It will probably work as a short-time bannable offense or might deduct the merit points of the player indulging in such behavior.

The changes will promote a healthy gaming experience

The changes will be implemented to make the game a more friendly and healthy gaming environment for everyone. A lot of people play the game after a long day as a stress buster, and the toxic environment is only more detrimental to their mental state. Also, the use of racist remarks is unacceptable worldwide and shouldn’t exist.

Thus, it will help the game be the way the developers intend it to be. The Dev Talk continues to provide transparency from the developers’ side regarding their plans for the game. The changes are very clearly made keeping in mind the best interest of the players, which is essential to keep any game relevant in the long run.

PUBG Mobile speech recognition system
Image via Krafton

Thus it remains to be seen how the PUBG Mobile team continues to implement the measures as such. As all changes in PUBG Mobile are also eventually implemented in BGMI, there’s a high chance that the same will happen again.

What are your thoughts about the improved speech recognition system in PUBG Mobile or BGMI? Let us know in the comments section below.

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