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PUBG Mobile announced a new map Livik: Here’s how to play it now

PUBG Mobile, one of the biggest online multiplayer battle royale games on the mobile platforms, released the first poster of the latest map in the game, the Livik. Livik is going to be the 5th classic map after Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi. Livik map is supposed to be a 2×2 map in PUBG Mobile making it the smallest classic map to be played. Currently, the map is not yet available in the global version of PUBG Mobile but how you can still play Livik map is explained in the later part of the article.

About Livik map in PUBG Mobile

Livik is the newest addition in the map sections. Basically, this map is the mixture of the other four maps. Players will see snow, mountains, deserts, jungles, and many more. This map will be smaller than the Miramar. The scenic beauty of this map is quite brilliant.

Main features of the map

In Livik, players can see high mountains, waterfalls, new types of buildings, flowers, windmills, new vehicles, new guns, and many more. The textures of this map will be better than the previous maps.

Here is some pictures of the new map Livik

Church and mountains

Waterfall is surely going to be one of the best attractions of Livik map

pubg mobile livik map, livik waterfall
waterfall in Livik map of PUBG Mobile

Beautiful Flowers and Windmill

Flowers and windmills

When Livik will be available in PUBG Mobile?

This map is currently not available in the global version. This is on the beta version of the game. Probably, with the next content update, players will be able to play Livik map in the game.

How to play Livik map now?

Since the map is not available in the global version so players can not play it in the main version. However, they can play it on the beta version of the game. And if you want to know how to download and play the beta version, please check here.

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