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Raid: Shadow Legends reveals a free limited edition Legendary Champion named Deliana

New players can level up the new champion instantly!

From May 23 to July 28, 2022, Plarium a global pioneer in developing free-to-play mobile and PC games with over 400 million gamers worldwide will give all Raid: Shadow Legends players a free limited edition Legendary Champion named Deliana. Existing players must check in to the game for any 7 days between May 23 and July 28 to claim the Champion, meaning the last day people may realistically begin the process is July 20th.

Deliana will be a great addition to the roster of both new and existing players

Deliana is a top-tier Legendary in the High Elves faction, making her an excellent addition to any player’s team. This campaign follows Raid’s third anniversary, which was celebrated on the 14th, with 80 million downloads and more than 2 million monthly active users since its introduction in 2019.

Raid: Shadow Legends 3rd Anniversary
Image via Plarium

When creating their profile, new users can use the promo code MYDELIANA to obtain enough XP Brews to instantly level up. This is a major benefit for beginner players who want to progress rapidly through early PVE.

Raid: Shadow Legends is a turn-based action role-playing game set in a fantasy universe that takes you on an epic journey with plenty to discover on your own. It’s available for Android and iOS as well as PC. Plarium Games, an Israeli publisher, has brought us this famous battler. The game has a lot of layers to it, and it’s all built on the Affinity system, which is the strategic component of the game that you should know about before you start raiding.

Are you excited about the new legendary champion Deliana in Raid: Shadow Legends? Let us know in the comments below!

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Raymond Vernum

Why do only new players get to use the promo code?That’s not even close to fair to loyal players that have put in so much time.

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