Rogue Company to start iOS technical test: Here’s how to participate

No words on Android release as of now

After almost a year of waiting, Hi-Rez Studios’ development team announced today that, Rogue company, a new 3rd-person multiplayer shooter game, will be starting an iOS technical test. This is the first announcement after the company revealed the mobile version for the first time in August 2021.

The game had previously announced an open beta test for players who sign in using the Verizon network with a reward as a part of their deal. A couple of months later, after the open beta test, the Rogue Company team has now announced a testing round with emphasis on iOS; this means that the game is in the final stages of the release, which could be expected in the next few months.

What makes Rogue company slightly different from other shooting games is its third-person perspective which already has a fan base on the OC platform. Gamers can also play Rogue Company in different modes, including Extraction, Demolition, and Strikeout, all 4v4 objective-based game modes. Wingman is a 2v2 based game mode similar to Strikeout with characters in the game called Rogues that will be 20 initially and are expected to be increased in the future. 

How to participate in Rogue Company iOS Technical Test

To register for the iOS technical test, users have to follow the link and it would redirect them to an official sign-up page. Here, the users have to fill in a couple of details like the platform they will be playing on, their official email-ID, mobile number, and their region. The game will be only working on iPhone 8 plus or newer and iOS 13 or newer.

Users will also have to declare that they are above the age of 18 and will not stream, or share images or videos about the experience of the game. The development team aims to gain valuable feedback and gather technical information on how the game works so that the game can be shaped to be good to play and give users a unique experience.

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