Roller Champions by Ubisoft will release on mobile with crossplay and cross-progression

A new and unique free to play PvP sports experience will be coming to mobile soon!

Set in 2032, Roller Champions is a new free-to-play title from the AAA studio Ubisoft that is now set to release on the 25th of May 2022 on PC and Consoles with a month-long kick-off Season. The game features fast-paced 3v3 skating action in which players have to score goals while making laps around the arena, tackling opponents, faking, double jumping, and performing a bunch of other moves.

Roller Champions will arrive with crossplay and cross-progression

Now while that description might’ve gotten gamers excited, those on mobile might be upset because the game is only released on PC and Consoles. However, Ubisoft isn’t ignoring mobile and Roller Champions will be coming to Switch, Stadia, Android, and iOS in the near future with crossplay and cross-progression across devices as announced during the Dev Stream.

The game has shown a lot of promises with great gameplay on show during its beta versions. The best part is that the game allows players to play as rough as they want, which makes everything more fun. It’s got a great look in terms of visuals as well with bright neon color schemes and vibrant graphic design.

The different game modes that are currently in the game are Quick Matches, Custom Matches, Ranked, and Limited Time Modes. With how cool the game looks right now, a mobile release is something that sounds worth the wait and hopefully, Ubisoft will work on getting the game to Android and iOS as soon as possible.

Roller Champions honestly feels like it’s on the same level as a game like Rocket League. For a more detailed look into the game, players can go through the game’s official website.

Are excited about the release of Roller Champions by Ubisoft? Let us know in the comments below!

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