Smash Legends brings February 2023 update with a new Legend, Smash Pass, and more

Welcome Parfait, the 32nd Legend!

The KRAFTON Inc.-owned independent studio 5minlab announced that the February 2023 update for their real-time PvP action game, Smash Legends, is now available. The upgrade introduces Parfait, the 32nd Legend, a new Smash Pass, and an enchantment pack that can only be bought once.

Smash Legends February 2023 update features the 32nd legend, Parfait

Here’s the key breakdown of the latest update in Smash Legends:

  • Parfait, One Cool Cat: In its recent update, Smash Legends presents Parfait, the icy 32nd Legend to join games’ varied roster. Parfait strikes enemy Legends with a spine-chilling ice scythe.
  • Smash Pass Chapter 7: Smashers can now buy the newest Smash Pass, Chapter 7: Parfait the Ice. The 32nd Legend, Parfait, will be given as a reward to players who buy the Smash Pass and advance to stage 10. In addition, Smashers can find out more about Parfait’s history by watching the Smash Pass Toon.
  • One-Time Enchantment Package: Smashers can now buy the One-Time Enchantment Package from the shop. It includes Lightning Strikes and Strike Barrier enchantments. These two enchantments will be distributed at random to a player’s Legend. When the Legend strikes five times in a row, the Lightning Strikes enchantment summons a piercing bolt of electricity that harms the nearby area. Strike Barrier is a temporary magical shield that can protect the user from harm up to 40% of their health. But it requires some ability to use and only appears after a successful attack is followed by one that hits multiple enemies.

The quick matches, short play times, and simple controls of the PvP action game Smash Legends have led to more than 5.5 million downloads globally. The game features five game modes (Dominion, Battle Royale, Duel, Competitive Match, and Duo Touchdown). IT has 32 endearing characters (called Legends) based on original retellings of well-known fairy tales and cross-play on both mobile and PC (Steam) platforms.

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