Space Invaders take over reality with a new AR game for mobile

New game for AR lovers!

Square Enix’s latest press conference Square Enix Presents has just concluded today and with it comes the announcement of a new Space Invaders AR game coming to AR-enabled mobile devices. This, along with the announcement of a new Hitman Sniper Assassins game has resulted in a lot of exciting content from Square Enix in 2021!

Space Invaders: One of the earliest successes in gaming

Space Invaders, for those too young to know, is a 1978 arcade game manufactured and sold by Taito in Japan. The title is one of gaming’s earliest successes. At the time by 1982, it had grossed $3.8 Billion making it the best-selling and highest-grossing video game “entertainment product”.

Space Invader AR seemingly seeks to go against mobile’s biggest AR games such as Pokémon Go, which is dominating in Taito’s home region of Japan. Since Pokémon mostly manages to succeed based on the wildly popular Pokémon IP and the dream of your own Pokémon Adventure, this new Space Invaders game will seem to have to succeed off its gameplay. Minecraft has recently attempted their own venture into Mobile AR with Minecraft Earth, however, due to middling interest, Microsoft had to stop developments on that project this year.

Square Enix’s other releases to arrive soon

Square Enix Montreal is the mobile division of Square Enix, mostly known for premium mobile games such as Hitman Sniper, Hitman Go, and Lara Croft Go. They have also the release of Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier lined up in late 2021. Being well-known in the mobile-gaming sphere, their collaboration with Taito will surely create a fantastic AR experience.

Are you excited about the release of Space Invaders AR game for mobile? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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