Spider Challenge is a new Solitaire game from the makers of Solitaired

Experience a free Solitaire game with unique Custom Decks

There are tons of different versions of solitaire, as developers Darshan Somashekar and Neal Taparia demonstrated with last year’s awesome Solitaired. Consisting of more than 500 different versions of solitaire, Solitaired was a gigantic buffet of card-sorting snacks. Its follow-up, Spider Solitaire Challenge, is a more refined affair, taking one of our favorite solitaire games and serving it up as a single delicious course. 

Spider Challenge offers an innovative gameplay of Solitaire

The game starts when 54 cards are dealt into ten columns, with the top card in each column face-up. The aim, as ever, is to sort these random cards into suits ordered by value, and you get there by moving cards onto cards of the same suit and one value higher. For the uninitiated, Spider Solitaire is a highly acclaimed solitaire variant that sees you playing with two decks.

Unlike in Klondike, you can’t clear a stack of cards until you’ve created a full sequence from Ace to King, and whenever you run out of moves you can give yourself more options by dealing ten more cards from the deck. 

The beauty of Spider Solitaire is that it’s highly scalable. If you play with a single suit, it’s almost impossible to fail. If you play with four, it’s very difficult to succeed, because you can only move stacks of the same suit. Like Solitaired, Spider Solitaire Challenge has an educational mission to go along with its addictive card-sorting gameplay.

Play with custom made decks of eminent personalities

Working in conjunction with institutions like MIT, NASA, and Encyclopedia Britannica, Somashekar and Taparia have created a range of custom decks celebrating notable figures from history. There are decks commemorating inspirational inventors, heroes of space and flight, notable women in computing, and more. You can download Spider Solitaire Challenge for free right now on the Google Play Store, or you can play it for free online on the game’s website. 

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