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Summoners War: Lost Centuria Season 6 Update: New modes, Monsters, and more

Com2uS, developers of the widely popular fantasy RPG franchise Summoners War, has launched its latest major Season 6 update for Summoners War: Lost Centuria. This update will be adding new Monsters with Ritesh, a Beast Monk that has mastered the wind element, and Kernadon, a Lizardman ready to poison its opponents, as well as new exciting battle mode updates.

Starting today, players can jump into the new Scan Battle Mode, which allows players to compete against players with similar scores to test their decks and advance their skills in the game before jumping into Ranked matches. Moreover, players can look forward to new Monster composition updates, alongside changes to the Barrier Battle mode, Alliance Battle mode, and collect a special Halloween theme.

New Monsters will be playable in this update 

  • Ritesh – Players can now claim Ritesh, the Beast Monk, a wind attribute legend level Monster. With his first “Trick of Wind” skill, Ritesh can attack frontline enemies to inflict damage and has the ability to randomly switch positions. Ritesh can grant DEF DOWN II on frontline enemies and DEF UP II on allies in a player’s line. His damage increases according to a player’s maximum HP. 
  • Kernodon – Players can also claim Kernodon, the Lizardman, a new rare grade water Monster. His first skill “Toxic Breath” attacks the forefront enemy to inflict damage and grants DEF DOWN II. It also converts the beneficial effects granted on the frontline enemies who are not under immunity into Continuous DMG. 

Other Features of the Summoners War: Lost Centuria Season 6 Update

  • Scan Battle Mode – In this new mode, players can compete against players with similar scores to their own, allowing players to enhance their skills by testing their decks and strategies before playing in the Ranked Battle mode. Players can earn stars and Glory Medals in the Scan Battle mode, as well as other contents in Duel Mode.
  • Monster Compositions – New monster compositions that can create synergies have also been added in Season 6. With the composition recommendation feature, players will be able to complete a mission corresponding to each recommended composition to unlock a specific composition and earn rewards.  
  • Barrier Battle Mode – A ranking system has been added to the “Barrier Battle” mode where players can experiment with various deck compositions. Players can now save the deck used for each barrier to make it easier to prepare for Barrier Battles. 
  • Alliance Battle Mode – New changes have been introduced to the Alliance Battle Mode increasing the number of participants for the Battle Day to 45 to maximize the number of players who can participate. The list of participants from the previous Alliance Battle can now be saved to make it easier to select participants when registering for the next Alliance Battle.
  • Enhanced Gameplay – Several improvements have been made to enhance gameplay including a feature to save the deck used in the last battle against each opposing Summoner and the ability to earn Glory Medals based on the number of stars obtained in World Tournament battles.
  • New Halloween Theme – A special Halloween theme brings the spooky season to Lost Centuria adding a new main title screen, monster summoning background and information screen have been changed to match the spooky atmosphere of Halloween. In addition, four new transmogrifications with the Halloween theme have been introduced: ‘Violent Demon Hwa’, ‘Succubus Soha’, ‘Devil Spirit Hraesvelg’ and ‘Pumpkin Head Lushen’.

That’s all for the Summoners War: Lost Centuria Season 6 update. Let us know if you have any sort of questions, in the comment section below!

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