Sunrise Village brings the Fall Event 2022 with new adventures and prizes

Help Grandpa navigate a series of mazes and win a grand prize!

Sunrise Village, a fun-packed family farming adventure game by InnoGames, is a vibrant escape into a magical, entertaining, and mystifying environment. Grandpa is anticipating the Great Autumn Race, which is another intriguing development made possible by this new Sunrise Village Fall event 2022 for gamers. He won’t be fooled this time because he knows exactly what will happen. To win the top prize, participants must assist Grandpa in navigating a number of mazes. The event takes place from September 15 until September 29.

Complete all the objectives during the Fall Event 2022 to win exciting rewards

The Fall Event will put Grandpa’s aptitude for exploration to the test. 20 objectives must be completed while navigating through dense fog, all while being watched over by sly TV anchor Kay Jeno, who has tricked Grandpa into joining in on the search for a gigantic squash.

Sunrise Village Fall Event 2022 grand prize
Image via InnoGames

To proceed, players must navigate a number of mini-games in search of a key, a specific locked room, and a map. It is advised to thoroughly explore the fog because there are still more rewards there.

The Giant Pumpkin, the Grand Prize, is given when all the objectives have been met by the players. The players’ town can contain this gift, which can be used to gain a 100-time energy boost every four hours. Players should keep an eye out for scarecrows, market stalls, and vases that are packed with various resources, consumables, cash, and energy. The mazes are also littered with riches.

Pumpkin coins, which may be used to buy resources, tools, and new structures at the event shop, are among the most practical resources. Additionally, players can find pieces for the new Product Stall, which when finished will yield 15 energy every 4 hours and can be collected 50 times. Additionally, it will make a unique Halloween costume available.

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