Sunrise Village introduces The Summer Event 2022 with new mechanics, rewards and more

The Summer Event Lands in Sunrise Village!

Sunrise Village, a fun farming adventure game by InnoGames, is a vibrant escape into a magical, entertaining, and mystifying environment. In the Sunrise Village Summer Event 2022, Grandpa has won tickets for the trip of a lifetime thanks to this new event, but when he arrives at Paradise Island, things are not what they seem. Players are tricked into taking part in a reality TV show and have to guide Grandpa through a number of mazes in order to win the grand prize. The event takes place from June 30 through July 14, 2022.

Test Granpa’s exploration skills in the Summer event 2022

A new mechanic for the Summer Event puts Grandpa’s aptitude for exploration to the test. To proceed, players must navigate a number of mini-games in search of a key, a specific locked room, and a map. There are 17 objectives to reach, and everything needs to be done while being watched over by sly TV anchor Kay Jeno, who tricked Grandpa into participating in the renowned Seashell Hunt of the Seahorse Society.

The Seahorse Statue is the Grand Prize given out if players have achieved all of the objectives. The players can use this award to give themselves an energy boost that lasts for four hours and can be redeemed 100 times in their towns. Treasures are also scattered around the mazes.

Grandpa Sunrise village
Image via InnoGames

Players should watch out for structures, items, and chests that contain a variety of resources and energy. That’s not all, either! A ranking system is used in the Summer Event, where participants compete for prizes, and the player who completes the most mazes is awarded fantastic awards.

Sunrise Village to feature unique goodies in the event shop

Shells are one of the most helpful materials and can be exchanged for special items like the exclusive summer attire in the event shop. Players can also find pieces for the brand-new Dolphin Statue, which needs 40 pieces to be assembled. After that, the statue will generate 15 energy every four hours, which can be collected 50 times.

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