Super Baseball League releases Club Confrontation with new content updates, players, and more

A club lineup consisting of 13 total club members working as a team!

Super Baseball League, a mobile casual sports showdown game by HAEGIN, now features club confrontation as it has been announced. Super Baseball League is a casual sports game where users can enjoy the thrill of baseball and the joy of promoting players through easy controls.

Duke it out over limited periods with the strongest lineups in the new Club Confrontation

13 users can each register 1 participant for the lineup in Club Confrontation, which is played with a lineup of players who are members of the club rather than individual users. Only the club master and manager will be able to register the final lineup, which will include 9 hitters, 1 starter, and 3 relievers for a total of 13 players. It is not possible to register duplicate players for the lineup.

Super Baseball League pre registration
Image via HAEGIN

Club Confrontation pits clubs against one another using their best lineups of players and is only accessible for a short period of time. The format of the matches will be 1v1 PvP. Depending on the outcome of the game, Gold and CP (Club Points) will be given out, and Honor Points, as well as boxes containing Gold, Player Cards, and Star Pieces, will be given out automatically based on the Confrontation standings.

Super Baseball League brings new content updates and in-game improvements

super baseball league fast gameplay
Image via HAEGIN

A major third baseman, a minor relieving pitcher, and a center fielder will also be added to Super Baseball League, along with updates to the main lobby’s user interface (UI), attendance reward system, instructional awards, player Star experience gain, draw reward, and other game features.

Are you excited as Haegin releases Club Confrontation in Super Baseball League? Let us know in the comments below!

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