Supercell release development updates for their 3 new upcoming Clash games of Clash Mini, Clash Heroes and Clash Quest

More revealed on the Status Update 3 video!

In the latest Supercell Status Update, the curtains have been raised for some very exciting information regarding Clash Mini, Clash Heroes, and Clash Quest that will definitely be of major importance to all the fans of the Clash Universe. In this article, we will mostly focus on Supercell and the release updates on their host of new Clash games which had been announced in the year 2021.

Supercell has shared updates for 3 new Clash games for 2021

1. Clash Mini enters regional beta soon

Supercell updates Clash games 2021
Clash Mini will go into beta

Firstly, Clash Mini, the strategy board game-styled title, will be going into beta in the next few days! While the date and time have not been revealed yet, a few days really means that the game is right around the corner. Finland, Canada, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, and Denmark will be the countries where the game will open up for regional beta testing soon. A bunch of gameplay videos was shown off during the video too.

2. Public Alpha for Clash Heroes is on the horizon

Clash Heroes is the next game among the host of Supercell games being discussed. After a closed alpha test with just a few hundred players, the game is now moving on to Public Alpha. The development team is still refining the gameplay, features, and world-building.

Supercell updates Clash games 2021
Clash Heroes: Public Alpha is coming soon

Although, there is no exact time frame for when the game will be available in public alpha. Interested players can also sign up on the website for the latest updates. This could also help them to get their hands on the Alpha as early as possible.

3. New content is being added to Clash Quest

Finally, Clash Quest is the only game out of the trio to be available to players as part of its soft launch phase. As part of updates, a lot of new content has already been added to the game. Although now, the game has a new update on Clans, as a part of the November Patch Notes 2021! Players can play with their friends in clans and fight in Clan Leagues! Not only that, there’s a new boss called Bone Bros as well, along with a new troop called Bomb Miner. Doom Dragons and Scared Skellies are also being added into the game with a new region called Boneyard Beach. A few, new magic items are also listed below:

  • Undo Clock: Undo a spell or troop attack
  • Missile Wand: Fire 3 magic missiles at random targets
  • Summon Bell: Summon refill troops
  • Shuffle Dice: Rearrange the troops on your board
  • Restart Token: Restart with a new opening formation
Missile Wand

But Supercell has not stopped at that yet. The new update is already being planned out as the Magic Bow Defence, which is Clash Quest’s version of Clash Royale’s Magic Archer, and the Volt Viper, a gigantic snake made up of Teslas are some of the ideas being experimented with. Darian, Clash Quest’s Community Manager, hinted at the game’s global release to be coming soon. Although, no specific information has been provided yet.

Supercell updates Clash games 2021
New Boss: Bolt Viper

That was all for this Status update, where we have covered all of the new updates which Supercell had announced in 2021. For more information at the earliest, players can sign up on the Clash website and follow Supercell on all their social media accounts.

What are your thoughts on Supercell releasing development updates about their 3 new Clash games in 2021? Let us know in the comments below.

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