T3 Arena’s latest Early Access update gives a sneak peek into the game’s future

The latest update is available now!

T3 Arena, a fast-paced 3v3 multi-hero shooter mobile game that launched in early access on Android last month has just received its biggest update yet from XD Inc. Hunter and Judex, two new characters, will be available to play in the arena. New game types and reimagined landscapes have also been added, providing players a glimpse at XD’s future ambitions for the game. Also, more updates are expected in the future as T3 Arena launches on the App Store on May 26th, 2022.

The action game T3 Arena offers extensive hero selection and different gameplay modes. Players can choose from multiple characters and compete in three-minute matches across several online modes.

Players will get to dive into several reimagined maps in T3 Arena’s latest Early Access update

Hunter and Judex have each added new hero mechanics to the fast-paced action of T3 Arena as seen in this latest Early Access update. Hunter’s burst-fire gun, for example, introduces classic shooter principles to the game for the first time. Hunter introduces new gameplay dynamics in both short and long-range situations, thanks to his ability to knock back an enemy swiftly.

T3 Arena veterans and newbies alike may explore many revamped maps with colorful new visuals that leap off the screen. These maps are also linked to the T3 Arena lore, which will be released at a later date, according to the developers.

Players may get an early glimpse at new modes by going to The Lab, with Payload Escort being the first. Over time, new modes and features will be balanced and polished. The results of these matches will only have a tiny impact on trophy progression, but players can use The Lab to continue their Season Pass growth.

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