Tears of Themis announces the “Snowfallen Secrets” event releasing this December

Snowfallen Secrets event releases December 12!

HoYoverse announces the release of the brand-new “Snowfallen Secrets” event for the romance detective game Tears of Themis will release on December 12. In the northern hemisphere, winter has arrived, and everything is wrapped in a white sheet. The frigid air may precede a warmer mood; passionate melodies dance and weave to create a love song that is particular to a special someone.

Throughout the event, investigation tasks will be accessible for a brief amount of time along with additional engaging entertainment, such as card games. Players can take part in the competition to Get Tears of Themis, Event-Limited SR cards, card improvement resources, and more!

Partner with 4 NXX members and investigate to earn rewards during the Snowfallen Secrets event

An online commotion was generated by a post posted by a user going by the name of “wither” on the first day of the Winter Magic Festival. Later that night, as a brilliant magician was performing onstage, an accident seemed to confirm the prophecy of that post. The performance was therefore forced to end in the middle, as was anticipated in the post.

Players will find out if this is just a coincidence or a clever trap Together with the other 4 NXX members, players will investigate to piece together the facts by looking over the sites. They will speak with the parties involved and debate about the happenings online.

The ultimate puzzle will be solved at the end of it all. Participating players can earn S-Chips, the Event-Limited Namecard “Celebration – Snowfallen,” the Event-Limited Badge “Surprise Performance,” and other rewards.

At the same time, there will also be access to the “House of the Draw” event. Attorneys can flip over cards to gain Event-Limited Marius SR “Love Berries,” Artem SR “Masquerade Passion,” Tears of Themis, card improvement materials, and more by using the tokens they obtained from “Reasoning.”

Additionally, log in every day to earn gifts such as Tears of Themis, Home Deco Vouchers, a limited-edition Namecard “Celebration – Stars and Snow,” and more!

Are you excited to be a part of the Snowfallen Secrets event in Tears of Themis this November? Do let us know in the comments below!

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