Tencent and Riot releases the TFT spinoff “Battle of Golden Spatula” in China

A spin-off of a spin-off!

Tencent and Riot Games, two big giants in the gaming industry with popular titles like PUBG Mobile and Wild Rift to their arsenal have announced a spin-off version of Teamfight Tactics called Battle of Golden Spatula. On the 26th of August, 2021, the game is launched in China under the title 金铲铲之战 or Battle of Golden Spatula which is a reference to the Golden Spatula in LoL and TFT. The game has its uniqueness as it offers additional features than TFT, but uses it as a base structure. Battle of Golden Spatula was approved to release in China by regulators and has started its pre-registration period when the announcement came a month ago.

Fight for the Golden Spatula is an awesome mobile auto battler made for players in China by a Chinese developer with a Teamfight Tactics IP license from Riot. Their team put in a lot of work making Fight for the Golden Spatula come to life, and we’re excited for them to see their game in players’ hands

Riot GAMES, Popular Game Developer and Publisher

Battle of Golden Spatula: Overview

The game features Little Legends characters as the avatar of a player. Comparing with TFT, it is much faster and uses a combined HP system. The initial event after launch is named The Dawn of Heroes and another 9 major events are available including awards like little heroes, limited avatar frame, limited avatar, etc.

Battle of Golden Spatula TFT Little Legends character
Battle of Golden Spatula TFT Little Legends character

It has implemented some restrictions for every age category such as those who are younger than 8 years old can not recharge or buy in-game items. There’s also a limit on how much players can spend in a month. Every day from the time of 22:00 to 8:00, there’s a curfew in the game, and players won’t be able to log in and play. The system is called the Anti-addiction health system.

The game is co-developed by Tencent’s NEXT Studios, the youngest studio within the Tencent Games family and developer of games like Unheard, Biped, and Iris Fall to adapt with the League of Legends auto-battler spin-off to a Chinese player base.

Why developers made another spin-off for a spin-off

Netizens are seeing this as a get-approval-quick strategy by Tencent because it will be hard for them to get the approval of an “imported game”, TFT as it is made by Riot Games. So, they moved on with a strategy to make their local version of TFT to get approval from NPPA quickly. But this theory also puts a question mark when the game is only being announced in 2021.

This Chinese-exclusive game is only playable on LPL regional servers. Players from different regions can also download the game by switching over their region. But, the game will still need a QQ or WeChat account to log in and play. Players can check the official website for more information regarding the game.

Are you excited for the TFT spin-off Battle of Golden Spatula release in China? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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