Tencent shuts down Team Kaiju, TiMi Studios’ North American subsidiary

Team Kaiju, a gaming studio from the house of Tencent which was known for its contributions to AAA multiplayer games, has reportedly shut down its doors. While no official statement has been issued, an observant former employee discovered signs of the studio’s demise when he noticed the official website displaying a 404 error and the LinkedIn page marked as not available.

Tencent’s gaming studio shuts down, fueling speculation of a big makeover

The closure was revealed in a LinkedIn post by a former developer who expressed disappointment with Tencent’s lack of communication regarding the studio’s fate. According to the post, Team Kaiju appears to have ceased to exist, with no current employees listed on LinkedIn.

Tencent's Team Kaiju shuts down
Image via Tencent

Team Kaiju, part of the TiMi Studio Group, had been hard at work on a highly anticipated AAA multiplayer game. Scott Warner, former Halo 4 design director, and Rosi Zagortcheva, a seasoned Battlefield veteran, led the studio. However, the departures of Warner in April of this year and Zagorcheva in April of the previous year cast a cloud of uncertainty over the studio’s future.

The exact reasons for the closure remain unknown. But the closure, which was reportedly decided in June, comes amid Tencent’s recent trademark application for Team Jade in Europe. This has fueled speculation about Tencent’s possible rebranding or shift in development strategy in the gaming industry.

Tencent officially confirmed the closure, stating, “We can confirm that we have closed Team Kaiju and canceled the studio’s unannounced game project.” The company explained that some team members have been reassigned to other projects within Tencent and TiMi, expressing gratitude for the efforts of Team Kaiju.

The incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of the gaming industry, even for industry titans such as Tencent. The fate of Team Kaiju and the talented individuals who contributed to its projects is in doubt as fans and industry insiders await an official statement.

What are your thoughts on the news as Tencent has shut down Team Kaiju gaming studio amid uncertainty? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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