The House of Da Vinci 3 arrives on iOS as a promising end to the critically-acclaimed trilogy

The grand finale to The House of Da Vinci trilogy is here!

One of the most celebrated puzzle game trilogies in video game history has been completed with the release of The House of Da Vinci 3. The House of Da Vinci 3 is a tense, evocative environmental puzzler that draws inspiration from a variety of sources, much like the first two games in the series and is now available on iOS.

They include Fireproof Games’ The Room, a classic puzzle game, and Thief, a game with a gloomy steampunk style and a story told through letters and notes. However, The House of Da Vinci 3 also carves out a distinct niche for itself in the gaming industry by combining first-person puzzle gameplay with an adventure game’s convoluted, plot-driven design.

Done the role of Giacomo and join his master Da Vinci on a new adventure

Additionally, it has one of the most captivating backdrops imaginable: renaissance Italy, where historical characters like Leonardo Da Vinci and various nefarious members of the House of Borgia are present. In a recent interview, developer Blue Brain Games eulogized the renaissance as, “one of the most beautiful and fascinating periods in history – one that has shaped the whole western world in such fields as architecture, art, and inventions. We’ve tried to bring this very atmosphere to the game”. 

It is evident. The third and last game in the House of Da Vinci series is the most sumptuous one yet. The entire series is dripping with Renaissance detail. The House of Da Vinci 3 picks up the narrative where the last game left off. You’re taking on the role of Giacomo, Leonardo’s notoriously overworked apprentice, once more. Giacomo was reeling from an unexpected attack as The House of Da Vinci 2’s credits rolled, and this is where we find him when the final game starts.

The-House-of-Da-Vinci-3 library
Image via Blue Brain Games

He made it out alive, which is wonderful news. The unfortunate news is that he has fallen into a catacomb and is unable to leave since a pack of rats has blocked the door. And to make matters worse, Giacomo’s Oculus Perpetua, the clever device that enables him to visit the past and observe the inner workings of machines, was destroyed in the fall, leaving intricate machine bits all over the catacomb.

Giacomo travels to other places throughout Renaissance Italy for the remainder of the narrative, all of which were expertly modeled by the Blue Brain Games team. “Players will enter the pope’s palace, walk the narrow streets of Rome and wander around the mysterious Caste Del Monte. We visited many of these places personally”.

Solve puzzles and use your trump card, Oculus Perpetua when needed

You never know what you’re going to get in The House of Da Vinci 3’s gameplay because it features a number of various puzzle kinds. Some puzzles have a mechanical element and include a variety of strange and amazing devices.

Image via Blue Brain Games

These puzzles can require you to merely search about your immediate area for pieces or they can require you to slot pieces together, pull levers, press buttons, rotate handles, and other actions. Then there are the puzzles, each of which has its own particular logic and set of rules. These are particularly challenging because, in order to solve them, you must first determine what you’re trying to accomplish.

You’ll occasionally need to use your Oculus Perpetua to see behind curtains and peep inside locks. You’ll even need to build portals if you want to go back in time and make changes that have an impact on the environment we’re in now.

Solve interesting puzzles and explore the ancient cities of Italy

All four dimensions are used in The House of Da Vinci 3. Numerous small spinning ball maze-style puzzles are interspersed amid these challenging brainteasers to break up the action. The House of Da Vinci 3 is the ideal illustration of a touchscreen puzzler, regardless of the kind of puzzle you’re completing. With a wide variety of incredibly intuitive swipes, pinches, taps, and double-taps, you can accomplish whatever you need to.

To end with as the devs, Blue Brain Games themselves say, “The best controller for playing the game is actually your finger”. The House of Da Vinci 3 is currently available on iOS with Switch, Android, PC, and Mac versions coming on the way.

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