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The popularity of Honkai: Star Rail mislead the Chinese Anti-Fraud Center to mark it as a scam

HoYoverse is suffering from success.

The newly-released released Gacha game by HoYoverse, Honkai: Star Rail has caught the attention of Chinese authorities. The enormous amount of downloads during its first release has been mistaken as a scam app by the authorities because of its massive surge of downloads across the area. This resulted in the Chinese Anti-Fraud Center quickly alerting the community about the downloaded game as scam software. The players that pre-downloaded the game had been receiving messages or phone calls from the authorities and notified them that they downloaded scam software. The players have been asked to delete the app right away.

Chinese Anti-Fraud Center Mistook Honkai: Star Rail as Scam

Honkai: Star Rail has already been suspected as a scam multiple times prior to its release. This may also be the reason why it caused the Chinese authorities to be carefully aware of the upcoming game. The enormous increase in HSR downloads appears to have attracted the Chinese authorities’ attention. A Bilibili post that talked about the situation has received various feedback from the community.

Additionally, this software might be regarded as “unverified” since mobile players downloaded it directly from the browser (official website). A reminder from the anti-fraud hotline, saying that the software Honkai: Star Rail may be fraudulent software. To avoid the risk, let you uninstall it and ask if there is any Loss or loss of related property. Despite this incident, it has not been a problem for the players to enjoy the game.

Honkai Star Rail base zone doors, Honkai Star Rail
Image via HoYoverse

It seems that most of the netizens are from Guangdong Province. Some players from other regions have encountered the alert saying: “It was the first time in my life that I was reminded of anti-fraud, and it was actually because of Honkai: Star Rail, which was included in my history. I don’t know what special rules are triggered. In the end, we just joked about being emptied of our wallets.” Because Honkai: Star Rail is a Gacha Game, it is already common for a lot of players to spend in the game to get the characters they want.

Honkai: Star Rail rises to popularity among 140 Countries

The popularity of Honkai: Star Rail really shocked everyone. According to the iOS statistical list feedback, on the day of the pre-download, Honkai: Star Rail reached an astonishing number in the general list at a certain moment. rushing to first place in the list of more than 140 countries.

Judging from this global popularity, it can be said to be a blockbuster in the gaming industry. The popularity of the game caused some players to experience a delay in their downloads. They reported that the app store directly rejected their download action, and received a message saying “This item is no longer available”.

Honkai Star Rail Gacha Characters Game Cover
Image via HoYoverse

Most of the first wave of influxes are core users, and they belong to players who have a certain understanding and interest in the game. According to several data, it is expected that more players will flood in and explore the game in the future. Being this popular in the first week of release, HoYoverse is expected to deliver great updates along the way.

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