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Tower of Fantasy announces Crimson Ruby event with exciting rewards

Obtain rewards in the newest Gachapon event!

Tower of Fantasy is releasing another Gachapon event called ‘Crimson Ruby’ in Version 2.2 where Wanderers can participate in a limited Gacha event to get exclusive items including the main attraction of the Event, ‘Crimson Song & Falling Flames’.

This is an exclusive outfit tailored for Ruby who has been a pre-established character in the game and has had her banner released back in Version 2.0. Take part in the event and unlock some exclusive Ruby-themed items and other rewards!

Tower of Fantasy Crimson Ruby Event: Overview

Just like the previous Gachapon events, for example, the ‘Summer Seabreeze’ event and the ‘Thorned Rose’ event, to view the Crimson Ruby event players must first click on the ‘Rewards’ gift box icon.

Afterward, they would see one of the titles called ‘Crimson Ruby’ where they will be encountering an Arcade like crane-machine where various rewards are presented on the left, those of which can be obtained by using ‘Crimson Gachapon Coins’.

Tower of fantasy Ruby banner, Tower of Fantasy Ruby Guide
Image via Level Infinite

As the name suggests, this is a purely Gacha Event where the rates are fairly low. The Gachapon coins can be obtained by purchasing from the ‘Limited Gift Pack’ Store with Dark Crystals. The event is stated to start at 22:00 from January 21st till January 28th at 22:00 (EST). Wanderers will have a total of 7 days to participate in the Gachapon event. 

Tower of Fantasy Crimson Ruby Event: Rewards

Here is a complete list of the Limited Items and other Rewards obtained by the Crimson Ruby event: 

  • Joy Ride: New Avatar Icon of Ruby in the new skin ‘Crimson Song & Falling Flames’
  • Friend Astray: Ruby Crimson-themed Avatar frame
  • Crimson Puzzle: Ruby Crimson-themed Chat Bubble
  • Crimson Song & Falling Flames: A new exclusive skin for the playable Simulacrum Ruby and her companion Spark. 
  • Birthday Crown: Hat accessory item for both male and female characters. 

Other various rewards from the event include Gold Nucleus, Red Nucleus, Proof of Purchase, a Special Voucher, and more.

What are your thoughts about the Crimson Ruby event in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comment section below!

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