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Tower of Fantasy datamine reveals the drop rates from Joint Operation

A small guide to Drop Rates of chests in Joint Operation!

Tower of Fantasy was just released in August. Since its release players have been trying to improve their weapon stats to make the in-game challenges easy. Here the overall stat of the weapon and the character is denoted by CS. One of the best ways to improve CS is to get SSR types of equipment and matrices. Joint Operations in Tower of Fantasy are one of the domains/tasks where players can use their vitality points to get the items. In this article, we will discuss the change in drop rates from the Joint Operation in Tower of Fantasy.

Joint Operations in Tower of Fantasy

Joint Operations are domains where players can use up to 90 vitality points to obtain up to 3 chests, each chest requires 30 points to open. The rate of the rarity of the drops depends on the difficulty level of the Operation.

Tower of Fantasy operations drop rates
Image via Level Infinite

As players level up, they can unlock higher difficulty levels on the Joint Operations. And higher the difficulty the better drop rates for rarer items. Till now players can do Joint Operations up to Difficulty Level VI. And later on, players can unlock difficulty levels VII and VIII after they hit levels 60 and 70. Recent Data Mines have revealed the drop rates for all the 3 chests in different difficulty levels.

Joint operation drop rates for each Chest differ in Tower of Fantasy

Recently data has been discovered about the drop rates. The drop rates in Joint operations for each chest in a run differ according to the data.

Tower of Fantasy operations drop rates
Image via Level Infinite
  • Special Fall: It is an unknown mechanic that under unknown conditions, increases the drop chances. The numbers in brackets in the Special Fall value indicate some unknown trigger condition. What happens after a successful trigger is unknown.
  • Probable Theory: The first number in the brackets of Special Fall is the number of chests opened after which the drop chance becomes equal to the Special Fall value. The second number in the bracket indicates the number of chests opened after which the next chest opened is guaranteed to give the desired item. 

Tips for Joint Operation Drop Rates

According to the data discovered, the Final chests of the Operations have the highest drop rates. So, if players should try to open only the final chests of the operations, also, if a player has just 30 Vitality points then, the player should open only the final chest. 

Tower of Fantasy operations drop rates
Image via Level Infinite

Players also have Joint Supply Chips. These chips double the drop rate of Master equipment and Ultimate equipment for the next 3 times when the players open the chests with vitality points. So, players can use this Joint Supply Chip and then, just open the final chests of each of the Joint Operations to have a very high chance of getting the rarer equipment.

Are you excited about the Joint operation drop rates in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comments below!

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