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Tower of Fantasy is giving a free SSR relic as compensation

A generous apology gift!

Tower of Fantasy has been a rising star among the gacha community. Developed by Hotta studios and published by Level Infinite. The game seems to have been absorbed pretty well among the gacha community as it’s now well known among the gacha community, and also among the people who don’t even play gacha games. Tower of Fantasy has recently issued compensation as a token of apology for the SSR Relic one-out-of-four box problem that was around in the game and has been claimed by many wanderers to be affected because of the issue. 

A generous compensation to the players of Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fanstasy compensation
Image via Level Infinite

The compensation has been issued as an apology for issues related to the SSR Relic one-out-of-four box. Alternate Destiny has been now rewarded to all the players who have suppressor levels of up to 5.5 and had claimed the reward of Chapter 13 from Wanderer’s log. Chapter 13 features an option where players can select their reward.

Tower of Fantasy SSR Relic Colossus Arm
Image via Level Infinite

Although it was previously stated that wanderers will be able to select it as a reward. The option to select an Alternate destiny relic was not shown among the options. This move has been dubbed by many players as proof of how generous the developers are compared to usual ones, while many others have said that this relic was not much important to be taken care of. That was all about the compensation given out by the developers of Tower of Fantasy as an apology for the in-game problem.

What are your thoughts about the SSR relic compensation issued by Tower of Fantasy for the SSR Relic one-out-of-four box problem? Let us know in the comments below!

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