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Tower of Fantasy level scaling is turning out to be a bad thing for the players

Players are more inclined to move away from the game.

Tower of Fantasy is the latest gacha title that not only features an amazing story but also features an amazing co-op mode, side quests, and many more. Level scaling is a term well known by the players who play gacha games. It is basically a practice to increase enemies’ HP according to the level and how much damage can be inflicted by the setup of the player. In one sense, a player who has the highest damage weapons will also face the same amount of hardship as the players who don’t have high-end weapons.

Level scaling is making people consider quitting Tower of Fantasy

Level scaling has brought dissatisfaction amongst the players in Tower of Fantasy. Many players who have been playing Tower of Fantasy since the release are quite disappointed because of it. A post in r/TowerofFantasy has been found where players are expressing their loss of interest due to level scaling.

 According to the comments, this is not what it should be and is not justified. In spite of having higher HPs which makes them hard to kill, the loot drop has not changed as stayed the same as it was. Many players have picked Genshin inside the comparison scenario as an example of how refined it is in terms of level scaling.

Genshin Impact vs Tower of Fantasy game cover
Image via Food Then Games

The OP has also stated that in spite of level scaling being done in Genshin Impact, mods drop better loots because of increased difficulty to defeat them. Level scaling not only affects the enemies, but it also affects the normal animals such as bears, shroomen, etc in Tower of Fantasy. Players find this disturbing as managing food should not be this hard. Top of that, the level scaling in Tower of Fantasy also increases when players’ level increases, which however doesn’t always reflect higher CS or strength.

What are your thoughts about Level Scaling in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comments below!

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