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Tower of Fantasy players are upset over poor user experience and buggy interface

The game might struggle to retain newcomers due to such problems!

Recently, a rise in Tower of Fantasy players’ criticism related to different problems of the game has been going around. One of the complaints that many players would agree with is the poor UX design of Tower of Fantasy. Since UX is directly related to how good the game will be to a player, it has become a substantial problem for newcomer players to keep their interest up in this game. In this article, we will talk about a few problems that have been going around.

Tower of Fantasy lacks a proper UX

The first noticeable complaint that came about is the lack of proper instructions when new things are featured in the game. Recently, version 1.5 update of the game has been released, which features a lot of new features.

But players are having a hard time finding how to do the right thing due to a lack of proper instructions. The aiming system of the game is also labeled as bad as many players get a hard time accurately aiming at the enemies. No indication of debuff status has also been a point of complaint for many players.

Incorrect translations and typos are also behind the poor UX

Another major complaint is the lack of proper translation. It is true that the game has a lot of spelling mistakes and localization issues. The in-game dialogues are often time not make any sense in conversation or there is a spelling mistake which often ends up expressing a different meaning than what it was supposed to be.

Most of the complaints are coming from the conversation of character related to Frigg, which uses the sentence “ ….so?”  in the part of a conversation that doesn’t make sense and clearly is a misfit. Not only that, the general conversations of the simulacra don’t end up making meaning in the conversation as many players are often left with a feeling of blank as they can’t grasp the conversation properly.

Server merge in Tower of Fantasy
Image via Level Infinite

The issues and mistakes related to translation are not only limited to in-game dialogues. Different texts in the game have also been found grammatically incorrect. Although this is not a major complaint since many players were able to understand what the text wanted to express. One of the shocking things players have complained about was grammatical errors and typos of localization even in the event and news announcements Tower of Fantasy developers publish for their game.

Tower of Fantasy players are upset with the lack of gamepad support

Another share of players has complained about a lack of support for the gamepad. For many players, they have to swap to the keyboard to access free options that can only be done via keyboard. Another complaint comes from the fact that there are too many menus in the game, of which many of which can only be accessed from a certain page.

For example, the limited order page can only be found in only one page. And with so many many in place, it becomes confusing for many players, even to those who have been playing gacha games for a quite while. Players are also making complaints about the building system. According to many players, it needs polishing and instructions that will help them make things easier.

Final Thoughts

With so many issues in place, many players have already said that at this point, the game developers are not listening to the opinion of players and not caring about what the players want. It is also noted that the servers are not as populated as they used to be in the early stages, which is an obvious sign of why many new players can’t keep up in spite of their interest.

What are your thoughts about the poor UX and buggy interface of Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comments below!

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