Undawn releases promotional video featuring Will Smith

Take a quick tour of the game with Will Smith!

Tencent has reportedly partnered with superstar Will Smith for featuring in the promo video for their new open-world post-apocalyptic title Undawn, the game which has been trending for all good reasons regards to the game setting and the grand scale at which it has been developed.

Experience a total fallout game setting from the developers of PUBG

The game has many things going there way, the first and foremost the brand name, with the success of PUBG which revolutionized the battle royale scene in the gaming markets. Secondly, the budget for the game is huge and it is hard to remember another big title being released in the open-world post-apocalyptic gaming genre, hence many fans of this genre might finally get something to claim as their go-to title with the release.

With so many factors on their side, the reach and awareness of the game are only going to increase with the addition of the globally renowned Will Smith being the main lead for promotional activities. The game will be released in Japan this summer with Closed Beta Tests scheduled in late March. The game is expected to be a hit as many PUBG fans will also be giving it a try considering the fact that it is being developed by the same developers.

The game will be based on testing the survival instincts of the players with challenges which will include rationing of resources, development, and protection of base, maintaining arms and defenses and not to forget fighting the post-apocalyptic abominations like zombies and other monsters. Do make sure to go through our detailed coverage of Undawn to get a better understanding of the features and different aspects of the game in detail.

Tencent featuring Will Smith, Undawn
Image via Tencent

Looking at the game, it has every ingredient necessary for succeeding, a good budget, a great developer, a nice game background setting, and now a great host to lead the promotional aspects of the game. Thus it will be really interesting to see how everything pans out in the end.

What are your thoughts on Tencent featuring Will Smith in their new promo for the open-world title Undawn? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below

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