Tencent to release Undawn this summer in Japan with Closed Beta Tests to start on March 30th, 2023

The highly anticipated Tencent title is set to get a release this summer!

Undawn, the new open-world post-apocalyptic title currently developed by Lightspeed & Quantum studio owned by Tencent is reportedly all but set to be released in Japan in the summer of 2023. Whereas the Closed Beta tests for the game will take place from March 30th. The game is highly awaited with fans across the world having expectations from the title.

However, there is still no information on the global version release. But considering the Japan launch and approval in Korea, it is expected that the fans might hear anything very soon.

Undawn aims to deliver an open-world post-apocalyptic fallout experience

The reason behind the popularity and the high expectations from the fans other than the fact it is being developed by the same developers of PUBG is the genre of setting on which this game will be based. There are hardly any good post-apocalyptic open-world games on mobile platforms and with the release of Undawn, fans of open-world post-apocalyptic titles available on PC and Consoles would also be available to enjoy the same experience on their mobile devices.

The game will be delivered in the summer by Level Infinite, which has a rich history of itself delivering high-value engaging interactive entertainment. As far as the story goes players will have a world infested with mutations and zombies where the ultimate aim would be survival. The new open-world zombie survival game “Undawn” is a cruel environment where human civilization has collapsed due to zombies. The game will also feature a base-building feature adding to the feel of restarting a failed civilization from scratch.

Tencent Undawn, Tencent's Undawn released
Image via Tencent

The developers have decided that a closed beta test (CBT) will be held from March 30th onwards where interested players and fans can get an exclusive insight into what the game has to offer and how detailed the world of Undawn is. CBT will be implemented for the purpose of game adjustment and server load verification. All in all the game looks very good and very well made.

The most striking feature of the game has to be the detailing of the open world in the game, with so many uniquely designed locations in the game, the game looks very promising. Players can go through our coverage of Undawn to know in detail what features the game has to offer. Additionally, refer to the video embedded below for an understanding of the open world the game has to offer.

Interested fans can go and follow the official Japanese game page on Twitter and Discord to stay updated on the news regarding the Japan launch.

What are your thoughts on Tencent releasing Undawn in Japan with CBT tests starting from March 30th? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below

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