Undying mobile will get a global release in 2022 on both Android and iOS

New updates and experiences to look out before global release in 2022

The mobile version of the survival title Undying has announced a global release in 2022 and an early access release with knee-deep into content and gameplay updates each week. With the free Halloween update for last week, but also adding another update on the list this week. A public roadmap is shared with the players across the globe with the latest and future updates.

The game brings an emotional storyline

Undying tells the story of a mother trying to train her son in survival as the zombie infection overtakes her. Final days together, they must fight, find supplies, and make tools to get Cody safely to a new life. All the while building their last bonds as mother and son.

Gameplay Overview

Apart from a story about survival and letting go Undying features a top-down view with a real-time day and night cycle, as well as a player-generated world map. The roguelike elements boost replayability, and the incredible soundtrack creates a deep feeling for the characters.

Undying Halloween update
Undying Halloween update

Based on community feedback, the game is designed beautifully in a low poly art style. The story moves on while players can interact with dozens of NPCs. As the developers claimed, they have “strong plans” to keep the game on track.

Undying mobile global release 2022: Updates and roadmap

While smaller updates coming every week like bug fixes, content adjustments, the Vanimals team will be putting out larger content updates with new features, content, and so forth. The new public roadmap for Early Access highlights the content, features, and more that are coming to the game over the next several months leading to the 1.0 launch.

Undying mobile full public roadmap
Undying mobile full public roadmap

Undying mobile goes global in 2022

The game is currently in Early Access for Steam and Epic Games Store. The full launch version will be available on Nintendo Switch, XBOX and PlayStation, Android, and iOS in 2022.

What are your thoughts on Undying mobile latest updates, which is set for a global release in 2022? Let us know in the comments below.

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Whenn is undying coming to android
its 2022 right now

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