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Watcher of Realms Festival of Luminance Event limited-time event will be launched this January 2024

It's celebration time!

The MOONTON-developed Watcher of Realms has announced an incredible event called the Festival of Luminance Event, which will take place from January 15th to February 1st, 2024. Watcher of Realms is preparing unexpected gifts and rewards to show appreciation to all commanders in this tower defense fantasy RPG game!

Commanders will have the opportunity to obtain a limited avatar and a plethora of rare items, as well as enjoy Odyssey of Dreams with new maps and battle-themed stories. Additionally, a new hero named Admiral Claw, The Blackblood Marauder, will soon unleash his power.

Watcher of Realms will launch the Festival of Luminance Event with a series of surprising events

A groundbreaking event, the Festival of Luminance, has been announced by Watcher of Realms, developed by Moonton, spanning from January 15th to February 1st. During this event, participants are in for a treat as they can anticipate surprising gifts and rewards as tokens of appreciation from Watcher of Realms to all commanders.

Among the exciting offerings, commanders have the unique chance to obtain the lord hero Valdov from The Chaos Dominion, along with limited avatars and a generous supply of rare items. Additionally, the Festival introduces the Odyssey of Dreams, featuring new maps and narratives filled with engaging battles for commanders to enjoy. Adding to the anticipation, a new hero, Admiral Claw – The Blackblood Marauder, is set to make an appearance, ready to unleash formidable power.

Watcher of Realms Festival of Luminance Event event
Image via MOONTON

Following this, the Shard Summon event, available from January 19th to February 4th, allows players to collect shards from various game modes and events. The accumulated shards can then be used to summon the powerful lord hero Valdov from The Chaos Dominion, a werewolf known for his ruthless prowess in eliminating enemies. This event provides commanders with the means to enhance their abilities and clear stages more effectively.

Moreover, the Festival of Luminance Event introduces the Odyssey of Dreams event, showcasing four new maps and incorporating fresh narratives featuring exciting battles. Commanders who successfully navigate these challenges will be rewarded with Diamond x50. This event, running from January 23rd to February 1st, promises an enhanced gaming experience and additional rewards for participating commanders.

Watcher of Realms Festival of Luminance Event event
Image via MOONTON

Watcher of Realms has also unveiled the Luminance Shop as part of the Festival of Luminance Event. Here, commanders can engage in different events to collect Lustrous Sparklers, which can be exchanged for rare rewards. Exclusive avatars, Legendary Skill Crystals, Ancient Summoning Crystals, and other prized items are up for grabs in this enticing shop.

In addition to these events, commanders can partake in the Luminance Sign-in event, spanning seven days and offering fantastic rewards with each consecutive sign-in. Another noteworthy addition is Frenzy Plundering, allowing commanders to engage in Gear Raid 3 with reduced Stamina, promising intense battles and generous rewards.

The Festival of Luminance Event is more than just a series of events; it is a celebration of camaraderie, strategy, and valor within the dynamic realm of Watcher of Realms. Commanders are encouraged to participate, seize the opportunities, and revel in the unfolding adventure.

A new hero Admiral Claw is being introduced in Watcher of Realms

Watcher of Realms is set to introduce an exciting addition to its roster of heroes in January – the formidable Admiral Claw. This powerful fighter boasts a remarkable ranged attack ability and possesses the capacity to unleash excellent control effects upon adversaries. Commanders eager to harness the prowess of Admiral Claw, also known as The Blackblood Marauder, can do so during the upcoming lord summoning event, taking place from January 13th to January 15th.

Seize the opportunity to recruit Admiral Claw and employ his skills to overcome seemingly insurmountable bosses. Prepare for an enhanced gaming experience as Admiral Claw joins the fray, bringing with him the potential for unparalleled strategy and triumph in the world of Watcher of Realms.

What are your thoughts on the Festival of Luminance Event limited-time event of Watcher of Realms? Let us know in the comments below!

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