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Dragon POW! Beginners Guide and Tips

Win and Devour your Enemies!

Dragon POW! is a mobile bullet-hell shooter RPG developed by Flow Entertainment and distributed by Boltray Games. In this game, you control a dragon that devours monsters to evolve and fight waves of enemies in colorful stages full of cute but dangerous creatures. Your dragon is the last hope against an evil demon trying to conquer the world. To help you get started, this Dragon POW Beginners Guide will walk you through the essential aspects of the game.

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Dragon POW! Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Battle Basics

When it comes to battling in Dragon POW!, the key is staying on your toes and using a mix of strategy and skill. As soon as you dive into a stage, expect waves of enemies with different attack patterns. You’ll control your dragon by swiping left and right to dodge enemy attacks and stay out of harm’s way. Meanwhile, your dragon automatically attacks the nearest enemies, so I recommend focusing on avoiding damage.

Dragon POW! Battle
Image via Boltray Games

Watch out for enemy attacks, and when you see an opportunity to devour their energy, take it! This lets you unleash a powerful Dragonbreath attack, boosting your damage output. I’ve found that each time you level up during a battle, you will choose a skill so make sure to choose the one that complements your current strategy. The better you manage your movements and choices, the more success you’ll find against waves of monsters and tough bosses!

Upgrading your Dragon

Leveling up your dragons in Dragon POW! is crucial for boosting your game performance and progressing further. As you play and gather resources, prioritize leveling up your dragons to increase their attack, defense, and health.

This added power will help you tackle enemy waves more effectively and survive longer during intense battles. To level up your dragons, you’ll need to earn experience points (EXP). When your dragon reaches its level cap, you’ll need a basic evolution stone to ascend it and allow for further growth and improvements.

Dragon POW! Dragon Upgrade
Image via Boltray Games

On top of leveling up, be sure to equip your dragon with the best gear available. These items enhance your dragon’s capabilities and can provide passive bonuses that improve its performance significantly during combat. Additionally, choose an ultimate ability for your dragon that aligns with your playstyle and suits the demands of the battle.

Completing Chapter Missions

In my experience, completing chapter missions in Dragon POW! is the most efficient way to progress quickly and unlock new features. I’ve found that each chapter consists of various substages with specific missions to complete, providing you with experience points (EXP) to level up your dragons and earn valuable rewards like coins, gems, and other items.

Dragon POW! Chapter
Image via Boltray Games

Completing these missions also grants blessings for your dragons, which offer boosts and bonuses to enhance their combat abilities. As you advance through chapters, you unlock new dragons, dragon treasures, and gameplay modes that keep the experience fresh and engaging. To succeed, focus on mastering each substage and its missions, and don’t hesitate to replay challenging ones to improve your strategy and maximize your progression.


In Dragon POW!, training income is a valuable feature that helps you earn resources to level up your dragon and enhance its abilities. To access this, go to the training section and set a training duration for your dragon. The longer the session, the more coins and other rewards you earn. Once the training period ends, collect your income from the training section and start a new session to maintain a steady flow of resources.

Dragon POW! Training
Image via Boltray Games

I’ve found that you can speed up training with boosts or gems if you don’t want to wait. Use the income wisely by investing in leveling up your dragon and upgrading its abilities, which will improve your performance in battles and help you progress further in the game. Make sure to check back regularly to claim your rewards and keep your dragon training for continuous gains.

Activate Dragon Treasures

Dragon treasures in Dragon POW! are a game-changer that you can obtain by defeating boss monsters during gameplay. These treasures are special items that grant your dragons passive skills, significantly boosting their abilities in battle. Once you get your hands on dragon treasures, activate them as soon as possible to unlock the powerful effects they provide.

Dragon POW! Treasure
Image via Boltray Games

I’ve found that activating dragon treasures requires spending coins, so make sure you have enough saved up. The treasures come in different rarities; rare, excellent, and epic. The higher the rarity, the better the effects, so prioritize activating higher-rarity treasures whenever you can. Make sure to equip your dragons with these treasures, so you can improve their performance in combat and give them unique abilities that enhance your strategy.

Dragon POW Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Choose skills wisely

When your dragon levels up during a battle in Dragon POW!, you’ll be presented with a choice of three skill upgrades. These upgrades can range from boosting your dragon’s attack power and defense to providing new abilities or buffs. It’s important to consider your current battle situation and the types of enemies you’re facing when making your choice.

2. Devour enemy’s attacks

Use your dragon’s ability to devour enemy attacks by releasing your hold on the screen. This passive ability increases your attack damage and range while negating incoming enemy damage. Just be sure to time it right and stay within range for successful devouring, as missing can result in damage.

3. Don’t limit your movement

Don’t limit your movement to just what’s visible on the screen, take advantage of the full landscape! Move beyond the left and right extremes to dodge enemy attacks and projectiles, or to devour them. This is especially helpful against fast bosses who close in on you quickly. Constant movement keeps you safe and ready to counterattack

4. Utilize the Training Income

Head to the training section to set your dragon to train and earn coins and resources over time. Check in regularly to collect your rewards, as they accumulate while your dragon trains. Use the income to level up your dragon and improve its abilities, which will help you progress faster and tackle tougher challenges. Don’t forget to maximize your training time for the best rewards!

5. Participate in Events

Engage in rewarding events for extra goodies! Once you’ve cleared Chapter 1 Stage 4, check out events regularly. Some offer freebies just for logging in, while others involve completing in-game tasks for rewards. Take advantage of these events for extra resources and bonuses!

Final Thoughts

As you embark on your journey in Dragon POW!, remember to keep these tips and tricks in mind to get the most out of your gameplay. Level up your dragon and equip it with the best gear to boost its strength. Make use of devouring enemy attacks and constant movement to stay safe and deal more damage in battles. Activate dragon treasures to unlock passive skills, and participate in events for extra rewards. By balancing your strategy and staying adaptable, you’ll find yourself progressing quickly through the game.

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