Wild Rift: Chinese Player solves the problems of the duo lane by playing with Hands and Feet in Diamond Rank

Viewers across the world have reported seeing a Chinese Wild Rift streamer using both hands and feet to play two distinct champions simultaneously. Having poor teammates is a common issue for players of Wildrift or even MOBAs in general.

Finding people who are skilled at the game to play with you is the typical answer to this problem. However, this League of Legends: Wild Rift Livestream took it to a whole new level by taking care of it on his own, giving the impression that he does not even need companions to be protected from nasty colleagues.

The Chinese Wild Rift streamer played the roles of support and ADC all by himself to get the support whenever he needs

In order to ensure that he always has the support he needs, the Chinese Wild Rift streamer took on the duties of support and ADC by himself by taking to play with Hands and Feet. Given that both of these jobs are created to compensate for each other’s faults and deficiencies, they are typically the roles that require the most coordination and teamwork.

Despite being humorous and hilarious, this nevertheless depicts one of the negative things that every MOBA player encounters in the majority of their games. This is an example of teammates’ unreliability. As they commented on how difficult it is to find good teammates in response to the repost of the LoL Wildrift’s official Twitter, many players experience terrible matchmaking. Although this streamer tried his best to work within the constraints of the system.

Wild Rift Chinese streamer Hands and Feet play, Samira early game Wild Rift
Image via Riot Games

Learning to communicate and cooperate as a team is one of the most crucial components of Wild Rift, a complex game with a sophisticated strategy. This Wild Rift Chinese streamer playing with Hands and Feet is a perfect example of just how much coordination is possible, even when playing one lane with your foot and the other with your hands.

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