Wild Rift Masters of the Hunt event: How to get Rengar or Kha’zix for free

Wild Rift has launched the Masters of the Hunt event where two new champions: Rengar and Kha’zix are joining the champions roster. The event will be online for 2 weeks from May 6 to May 18 where players can win exciting new rewards including Rengar or Kha’zix for free just by completing the missions. With Master of the Hunt, Wild Rift has also launched a new gameplay mechanic: Nemesis Duel. Though the event is live for a limited time, the new gameplay feature is a permanent change that would be incorporated into Wild Rift.

Who are Rengar and Kha’zix

Renger is part of the Vastayan hunter’s clan, who through his hardship became the chieftain of his clan, although he discarded the title to pursuit the hunt. Kha’zix was a fragile denizen of the Void but consumed all its path and assimilated the power to become a killing machine. Both of them are now are destined rivals, fighting to be at the top of the food chain. The epic rivalry is also termed the Battle of the Cat and the Bug.

How to be a part of Wild Rift Masters of the Hunt event

In the beginning, the player would be prompted to choose between Rengar or Kha’zix. The choice will decide the type of rewards the players will be getting.

wild rift masters of the hunt
Choose between Rengar or Kha’zix in Wild Rift

Once the player chooses the champion, they will be given an affiliation tag indicating which team they are in Rengar’s team or Kha’zix’s team.

Masters of Hunt & Rewards: Unlock either Rengar or Kha’zix in Wild Rift for free

The event will have individual missions and team competition. The individual missions will be unlocked by completing each day’s quest and the quest is always in pairs like typical Wild Rift events have been.

The missions and the rewards are as follow:

1Trophy HuntingGet 50 takedownsThe Pridestalker Icon (Renger Team)
Open SeasonPlay seven games or Get MVP/SVP one timeThe Voidreaver Icon (Kha’zix Team)
2Ambush!Cast ultimate 15 times50 Poro Coins
Three in the bagWin three games
3Apex PredatorGet 10 killsTrophy Collection bauble (Renger Team)
Void SafariCapture or kill the Rift Herald three timesVoid Wing bauble (Kha’zix Team)
4Bounty HunterEarn 70,000 goldAdorable Assailant emote
Stick AroundPlay seven games or achieve a total of 10 medals
5AdaptionAs a team obtain Red/Blue buff 10 times500 Blue Motes
Run Them DownAs a team, kill 300 monsters
6StonehunterAs a team destroy 16 towersMasters of the Hunt self-selected Champion chest
Exceed Your QuotaPlay seven games or Get a 5+ kill streak
7Remain UnseenPlace or destroy 20 wards50 Poro Coins
If It Bleeds….Deal 20,000 physical or magical damage to enemy champions
8Spirit of the HuntAs a team, kill five dragonsMasters of the Hunt self-selected Champion pose chest
Big GamePlay seven games or get an S rating
9RelentlessAs a team, kill two Barons50 Poro Coins
The Deadliest GameAs a team, kill 1,000 minions
10Delusions of MortalityPlay seven games or win a game where Rengar/ Kha’Zix (rival champion) was on the opposing teamThe Hunt Begins Icon Border
Legacy of the Kiilash / The Void EvolvesPlay seven games or win a game playing as or with Rengar or Kha’Zix (backed champion)

A player can freely unlock Renger or Kha’zix on completing the quest of the sixth day.

Apart from the individual missions, there would be also a team competition where team Renger and team Kha’zix’s performance would be tracked. During the first week, Wild Rift would track the average numbers of the game played by players in support of each hunter. The second week would track the average takedowns scored by each team member. The team competition also has a separate reward. The winning team will get an upgraded event icon to flaunt upon. The winner of the team competition would be decided for each region separately.

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