Wild Rift Yordle Expedition to offer a bunch of great rewards

...there be yordles!

League of Legends has many cute fantastical creatures in its repertoire of characters and five are making their arrival into League of Legends: Wild Rift. And to commemorate this, WR is having a Yordle Expedition event running from January 9th to January 29th. The upcoming “Yordle Expedition” event in Wild Rift will arrive shortly with many changes to the game including new Champions, Daily Tasks, and new Region Rewards.

New Champions

As announced with the Wild Rift 2.0 update there will be 5 New Yordle Champions entering the rift

  • Teemo, The Swift Scout
  • Kennen, The Heart of the Tempest
  • Tristana, The Yordle Gunner
  • Lulu, The Fae Sorceress
  • Korki, The Daring Bomber

Daily Tasks

Daily tasks will be revamped for the event, now offering players 20 steps and 90 Blue Motes. Examples of the new tasks are such as “Get 10 Kills“, or “Cast Your Ultimate 15 Times” and more.

However, do note that unlike standard daily quests, these will new dailies will existing quests even if you’ve made progress. This means that players will need to actively complete their quests or else they will be missing out on rewards.

Wild Rift Yordle Expedition Region Rewards

Each region has its own quest, too with 100 Steps and 25 Poro Coins as rewards players now have a lot of new options for progression. You can only embark on one region quest at a time though.

RegionRegion Quests
DemaciaKill 7 dragons with your team
Win 2 games with a Demacia champion on your team
TargonKill 5 Barons with your team
Win 2 games with a Targon champion on your team
FreljordKill 500 monsters with your team
Win 2 games with a Freljord champion on your team
NoxusDeal 50,000 damage to enemy champions
Win 2 games with a Noxus champion on your team
IoniaPlace or destroy 30 wards
Win 2 games with an Ionian champion on your team
BilgewaterCollect 50,000 gold
Win 2 games with a Bilgewater champion on your team
IxtalGet 40 takedowns
Win 1 games with an Ixtal champion on your team
Piltover & ZaunKill 1,000 minions with your team
Win 2 games with a Piltover/Zaun champion on your team
ShurimaDestroy 35 turrets with your team
Win 2 games with a Shurima champion on your team

Wild Rift Yordle Expedition Step Rewards

The reward system for the event has been revamped into steps, but what do these steps mean exactly and what are these steps leading to?

Wild Rift Yordle Expedition
Emote Reward
700600 Blue Motes
100025 Poro Coins
1600Yordle Expedition Champion Selection Chest
1850Yordle Expedition Pose Selection Chest
200Icon Border

So with the new characters and new ways to earn rewards, along with all the changes brought to the game with the Version 2.0 update, there’s never been a better time to play Wild Rift. Now, get to stepping! Meanwhile, if you haven’t checked the Wild Rift Esports announcement, check it right now!

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