wipEout Rush is now available in selected regions: Here’s how to download and play

Time for the nostalgia

wipEout Rush is now available for download and is playable in selected regions, on Android and iOS devices. The game, which has been developed by Amuzo Games and has been published by Rogue Games is available for download in Great Britain, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, and Thailand. It was announced in 2021 that the popular franchise will be making its foray into mobile platforms.

This game will combine the fast, futuristic look of the classic series with a new comic-book-style aesthetic and the ever-popular merge gameplay.

We’re delighted that we could rethink wipEout for mobile with some fun new play mechanics and gorgeous visuals.

Matt Casamassina, ceo of rogue games

Gameplay Overview

In the game, players take on the responsibilities of a manager by managing the time of their ship’s launch and also its weapons. They have to add different abilities and power-ups to their crafts during the race. This is to make sure they finish first. Unlike the original wipEout games, players do not take control of antigravity crafts and engage in racing themselves.

Wipeout Rush announced
Wipeout Rush gameplay footage (Image via Rogue Games)

The game has been perfectly built for mobile platforms where players can merge “loot” of the same type. This is to craft better ones and also 3D-Print various weapons. Like most mobile games, there are multiple currencies and timers in it. It also follows the model of watching ads to boost certain actions.

Disappointing initial reaction to the game

Initial reactions from players are not quite good. According to most of them, they wanted to experience the unique antigravity racing of the wipEout franchise. Mobile games become popular due to their quick and precise gameplay. Games that provide these get the attention of the players quickly.

Another thing that players hate in online games is the predatory form of micro-transactions. This is an issue with many online games now. The publishers of wipeout Rush have a lot of work to do in terms of gameplay and micro-transactions to get more players.

Wipeout Rush game cover
Image via Rogue Games

However, it goes without mentioning that popular franchises that come into the mobile game industry from other platforms mostly retain their original game mechanics. This is one of the reasons for their success, e.g. PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile. As of now, no announcements have been made regarding the worldwide launch of wipEout Rush. Everyone will be keeping an eye on how the game is received when the game is released globally.

Step by Step guide to download and play wipEout Rush in any country

As wipEout Rush opens for a release, players around the globe can download and have a look at what the game offers. But, during the installation, some players might face problems due to country restrictions. Please follow the steps given here and you’ll be able to install and play the wipEout Rush easily. Follow these steps to get a hand on the new title with ease:

How to download wipEout Rush on Android (APK)

  • To get the game, you need a Google Play Account from either Great Britain, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, and Thailand
  • Use a VPN and connect to either of the above regions. Then head over to the Google Play Store and create a new account
  • Skip the step where the Play Store asks you if you want to add a phone number. Then finish setting up the account.
  • Click here or search for wipEout Rush to download the game.
  • Keep your VPN on to play the game once servers open

How to download wipEout Rush on Android (via TapTap)

  • Install the TapTap application by clicking here
  • Now open TapTap and search for wipEout Rush. You can directly check it from here
  • Now click on Download and wait for some time as the game is around 305 MB in size
  • Once the download is complete, a popup will open asking to install. Tap on Install
  • You can now enjoy the wipEout Rush on your Android device

How to download wipEout Rush for iOS

  • Go to the App Store and sign out of your current Apple ID.
  • Click on Sign In and choose the option which allows you to create a new Apple ID.
  • Fill in either Great Britain, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, or Thailand as your region, and then fill in the rest of the details. Then, click Next
  • Fill in the rest of the details required
  • Select None as the Payment Method
  • Fill in the verification code you received in your email
  • Now you have access to the regional App Store from the above regions. Just search for wipEout Rush or click here and then download the game.

Are you excited that wipEout Rush is now available in selected regions, such as the UK? Let us know in the comment section below!

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