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Wuthering Waves share their future plans for game improvements

Wuthering Waves, the free-to-play open-world action RPG from Kuro Games, has finally received a global launch, and without any surprises, the game has already attracted plenty of attention and has become popular within a couple of days of its launch. Well, the developers have got plenty of feedback based on this, and hence have announced their future plans for the improvements they plan to do for Wuthering Waves.

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Wuthering Waves Future Plans for Game Improvements Overview

As of now, I’ve noticed there have been enough fixes that has arrived to the game, improving the experience. Besides fixing the known issues and the disclosed improvement plans, the developers also outline the future plans for other key concerns.

1. Optimizing the Skip function

The first thing mentioned is that the makers are going to optimize the function of Skip. The issues regarding insufficient skippable scenes, unreadable UI of the Skip button, and the main quest storyline being too long have been reported.

To improve the experience, they will redesign the button UI of the Skip function, greatly increase the number of scenes skippable in main quest storylines, including the prologue and Chapter 1, and allow the skip function for character dialogues to be used outside cutscenes and cinematics.

2. Improvement of combat experience

Secondly, the combat experience needs to be improved as they mention some common feedback including that there is not enough significance in combat action, lack of visual feedback on the impacts of actions, poor controller experience in combat, and environmental objects obstruct the view.

Wuthering Waves gamepad controller support
Image via Kuro Games

The planned improvement includes dedicated optimization of different scenes in combat to enhance positive feedback and improved controller support with expedited customization options for controller buttons.

3. Standard Resonator Giveback Convene event, Optimizations, and other updates

The developers point out that many players were dissatisfied with the Beginner’s Choice Convene. To address this, a special item, the Voucher of Reciprocal Tides, will be issued, allowing the player to get one 5-Star Standard Resonator of their choice for free via in-game mail on May 26, 2024. This event will be open until May 22, 2025.

Wuthering Waves trophies
Image via Kuro Games

In addition, the makers announced that they will be pushing other in-game optimizations and new content. These include better art assets for NPCs, a new layered map display function, and more Echo transformations.

With these changes, Wuthering Waves aims to improve the basic experience. Details in depth about future game updates aren’t shared, so that might be for another day. For now, read other related articles-

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