ZOZ: Final Hour released in selected regions for Android devices

A new Crystal Pass with ZOZ: Final Hour released in Bolivia, Colombia, Malaysia, Mexico, and Peru!

Today, NetEase Games announced that ZOZ: Final Hour is released in new selected regions. The 1.12 Launch Release is currently available for download on Google Play and TapTap in Bolivia, Colombia, Malaysia, Mexico, and Peru. Launching simultaneously with ZOZ: Final Hour is a brand-new season and Crystal Pass that offers players exclusive gear to earn.

Obtain Blood Crystals and save humanity in the post-apocalyptic world of ZOZ: Final Hour

A third-person shooter game with a twist, ZOZ: Final Four is set in a world where the living dead have taken over. Blood Crystals are the only thing that can save humanity. They can only be found in places where the undead exist in great numbers. Players take on the role of Mercenaries to complete extraction operations in San Yager to collect Blood Crystals and bring them back to base.

The undead of San Yager outnumber players. They must utilize a combination of their shooting prowess and tactical gear to live. However, those who can maintain composure under pressure will be able to stave off the horde.

ZOZ Mercenaries
Image via NetEase Games

Players in ZOZ: Final Hour are mercenaries who can betray one another in return for bigger rewards at the end of the mission is one of the game’s most thrilling features. A PvE game could quickly develop into a PvP free-for-all as the living players and the dead players’ brawl on the battlefield. This is a high-risk move because dead players will resurrect as zombie soldiers with specific powers. This will allow them to exact revenge on those who killed them.

The game releases with new season Crystal Pass, weapons and outfits

ZOZ: Final Hour released
Image via NetEase Games

Along with the release of ZOZ: Final Hour, a new Crystal Pass season is also released for purchase. The new Crystal Pass has “Undercover Research” as its theme. Players may access new weapon skins for the bow and MSR sniper rifle, as well as the stretch and silence emotes, a new avatar frame, and the researcher and genetic code featured outfits. From January 1 until January 26, the most recent Crystal Pass is available. It offers players lots of opportunities to get their hands on this new gear and finish tasks in style!

ZOZ: Final Hour offers special giveaway events with exclusive rewards

ZOZ: Final Hour released
Image via NetEase Games

The social media platforms for the game will provide exclusive giveaway occasions for the online community that has been supporting ZOZ: Final Hour to commemorate the game’s release. Following the official ZOZ: Final Hour social media channels will give players the chance to win Google Play gift cards and in-game rewards so they can outfit characters in the game.

During its beta tests, ZOZ: Final Hour was already available to players. The creators have included their feedback in the game’s official launch edition. All players now have the opportunity to enter San Yager‘s streets in pursuit of glory and gold. Not everyone is cut out to be a hero since the players face a terrible fate that could force them to join the ranks of the dead while they search for the living.

Are you excited as NetEase has released ZOZ: Final Hour in selected new regions? Let us know in the comment section below!

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