Arker: The legend of Ohm review: Experience a brand new Play-to-Earn tactical RPG

Explore the land of Ohm, recruit your hero and battle in exciting strategic online battles!

NFT-based games are all the hype right now and Arker: The Legend of Ohm is one of those titles. Set in the land of Ohm, the game is all about preparing your heroes for battle and then heading into the fight. The game features elements like skills, runes, equipment, characters, pets, and PVP/PVE content. Players can collect a bunch of NFTs and buy or sell them in order to make investments and profit from them. Here in this article, we will review Arker: The legend of Ohm and share our first impressions of the game.

The game seems like any other turn-based fighting game when you start out. However once you connect it to your wallet, the full experience is unlocked. Now the game isn’t only for those who want to earn and the developers have paid quite a bit of attention to the gameplay itself, making it a title that could serve as a good introduction for some players to the NFT based play to earn genre and even for someone who just wants to enjoy some turn-based gameplay.

Engage in turn-based battles and cash in your digital rewards

Starting off with the review, the core gameplay of Arker: The Legend of Ohm is about turn-based battles. Players can use a bunch of different items that they have in order to win these battles and win rewards for their victories afterward. Now while that is simple and easy to understand, the game is still primarily driven by its claims of being a play-to-earn NFT-based game, which it is.

Arker The legend of Ohm gameplay
Image via Arker Labs

The gameplay isn’t exactly too fast-paced and it doesn’t need too much attention either since it’s turn-based and you have to wait for your opponent to make a move. It can be a little slow and that might not work for everyone. Overall, there weren’t any bugs or glitches and if the play-to-earn aspect is what you came for, then this game will deliver.

Players can sell the digital assets that they win and buy in order to earn actual money from the game. While that sounds simple, it takes some time to get a handle on things if you’re new to the whole NFT and crypto scene.

Pets are important and can influence the in-game market

Fragments Of Arker (FoA) is the game’s main currency which is earned through PvP and PvE fights and daily quests and it can be used for in-game items like weapons, tickets, and other stuff. Players can withdraw these tokens every 15 days and these are deflationary, which means that a certain percentage of them are burnt up after every purchase.

RPG monster characters
Image via Arker Labs

This in turn means that the number of tokens will go down as more and more purchases are made and if demand remains strong, then the value of the tokens will go up. Arker is the other currency of the game which can be used to purchase pets. Speaking of pets, they’re really important for the game’s market since they’re the main item being bought and sold. On the gameplay side, Pets improve your hero’s stats with their different traits.

On the play-to-earn side, their value differs based on their rarity and typology. Players can buy these pets on the marketplace or trade them and if they get a male and female pet, then they can breed them and get eggs, which can also be bought or sold, although it takes a certain amount of investment to do so. 

NFT Orders Arker The legend of Ohm
Image via Arker Labs

Once you take a look at the game’s whitepaper and other details, it’s evident that the game is based on a rather simple system, which is a good thing. Again, a bunch of these features is locked until you can add a wallet but that’s really not something we can hold against the game since it’s a requirement for the game to work and PvE is still open without it.

The game comes with cool graphics, decent audio, and a clean UI

The game features 2D graphics but in a cool-looking art style which really goes well with the game. In the case of the audio, there’s a decent soundtrack and nothing to complain about. The controls work just fine but that’s because it’s mostly just clicking things. Nevertheless, the game feels responsive and the UI feels neat and clean.

Arker The legend of Ohm graphics
Image via Arker Labs

No ads but IAPs are a part of the game

The game doesn’t feature ads, which is a good thing since the gameplay isn’t interrupted by ads but since it obviously requires investment for you to earn, the game does have in-app purchases. It’s pretty much something you have to do when you’re playing these games.

Final Verdict

Overall, Arker: The Legend of Ohm is a decent NFT-based Play-to-Earn game. It’s not at the level of Axie Infinity but even then if you’re new to the whole genre then you can take a look at this game. It might not have the best gameplay but it’s a decent place to get started with in terms of the whole P2E thing. It’s not too expensive to get in and the game shows some promise.

Arker: The legend of Ohm review by Gamingonphone

Gameplay Mechanics - 7
Graphics and Music - 7
Controls and UI - 7
Play-to-Earn Elements - 7
Blockchain Elements - 7



Arker: The Legend of Ohm is a decent NFT-based Play-to-Earn game. It might not have the best gameplay but it's a decent place to get started with in terms of the whole P2E thing

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