Death Park 2 review: Save your sister from Pennywise

Find out the mystery of Death Park

Death Park 2 is an adventure horror game offered by Euphoria Horror Games and available for free on Android and iOS. The game is quite similar to other mobile horror games (like Granny) when it comes to things like controls and audio but when Death park 2 has a lot more details and multiple endings. The game starts out with you waking up to find your sister locked in her room, crying while your mother has gone out. Once you figure out your way into your sister’s room, you meet the antagonist, Pennywise the clown. The game is based within quite a big map and there are 8 locations that you can explore. Here in this article, we will review Death Park 2 and share our first impressions of the game.

Save your sister and most importantly save yourself

Starting off with the Death Park 2 review, there are multiple difficulty options that you can start out with and there are multiple riddles and puzzles you have to solve to progress in the game. Like we mentioned earlier, there are two dimensions in the game- the dream world and reality. As it turns out, the Clown in the game started out by haunting the protagonist and their sister in their dreams, and then it turns into reality. Since the game has the aspects of a shooter as well, you have to fight off monsters and can collect different guns and ammo during game progression.

Death Park 2 review

The main objective is to save your sister and discover the secrets the game holds while also trying to stay alive. Like other horror games, this one also has screamers and moments which make your anxiety skyrocket. Once you get out of your house, you come to the realization that the monsters have actually taken over the city and the place is being evacuated.You get a map quite early on in the game and then you can explore your surroundings. In reality, you have to fight off monsters and have a weapon but in the Dream world, you can’t carry weapons and the Clown itself can attack you.

Pennywise is a big, red and ugly clown

The soundtrack sets the tone for the game and the audio is not that bad. I do feel that the voice of the Clown is overexaggerated and hard to understand sometimes. We gotta hand it to the devs because this is the ugliest clown we have ever seen and you can travel between the dream world and reality by touching red balloons. The graphics aren’t really all that good. While there are options to change the graphics settings, there wasn’t any noticeable difference even after changing the graphics to high from low. Like we said earlier, the game does pay a lot more attention to details and the devs were pretty creative while designing the game.

Death Park 2 review

One of the things done pretty well is the fog effects but on the other hand, the effects while killing monsters aren’t the best. To describe the Dreamworld, I’d use two words… Red and disgusting. The low-quality graphics mixed with the weird textures in the Dreamworld really looked weird, especially inside the house.

However, the Dreamworld looks pretty eerie and creepy in the Hospital, which I think is a good thing. The controls are quite easy to get used to and are reminiscent of other horror games that came before. There’s not really a lot that can be said about them but they’re pretty good.

Pennywise doesn’t demand spending your own penny

While the game is free and you can play till the end without spending a penny, money can take you a long way in this game. Some of the things that can be purchased with real money include removal of ads, unlocking of all levels, a Pennywise skin, guns and ammo, medkits, adrenaline boosts, sneakers (speed you up), bulletproof vests, monster scanners, and improved weapons. This basically means that by buying these, you can give yourself a boost in the game and the levels become easier.

Things such as guns, ammo, and medkits can still be acquired for free and each map has them lying around for you to pick up. You can unlock hints by watching ads and one thing which people might find a bit annoying is that full-screen ads can pop up while you’re playing but it’s the only way the devs can earn from the game and keep the series going.

Final Verdict

Even though Death Park is similar to other horror games, it’s a new challenge and a pretty good game overall. The storyline and gameplay are pretty good while the graphics and audio can be worked on.

The game does manage to scare you pretty well and gets your heart beating real fast, which is obviously a very good thing when it comes to horror games. We didn’t really come across any bugs or glitches. Playing till the end, we got a message saying that the game will be continued and we are pretty excited about the plans the developers have for the future.

What are your opinions on the Death Park 2 game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments!

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