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Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat Review: Bloody Combat costs you a Bloody Wallet

The Devil may or may not cry but it will surely leave your pockets dry...

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat was announced in December 2019, and has recently debuted on Android and iOS after Closed Beta testing in September 2023 and a feature at gamescom asia 2023. This Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat review delves into the game’s main storyline and gameplay, providing a fair evaluation and comparing it to other titles in the genre.

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Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat underscores an unclear storyline

Starting with the review, let us discuss the Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat storyline, It takes a shot at crafting a compelling storyline, but it struggles to truly engage me with a memorable narrative. We can picture demons disrupting Dante’s bar, thrusting us into immediate action. However, the overarching plot feels a bit unclear, revolving around six supposedly collectible artifacts.

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat cutscenes
Image via NebulaJoy

Characters make random appearances, attempting to contribute to the lore, but the connection may seem lost to those unfamiliar with the extensive Devil May Cry universe. Long-time fans might find some resonance, but for newcomers, the story might come off as somewhat generic, lacking the depth expected.

Now, let’s talk about dialogue. Translation hiccups aside, it tends to fall short, almost similar to reading fanfiction, lacking the depth and personality that the series is known for. It injects a moment of humor, but unfortunately, it doesn’t contribute significantly to the overall narrative depth. Despite these narrative shortcomings, the game still retains a certain charm, especially for enthusiasts of the Devil May Cry franchise.

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat gameplay is decent but not lacking

Let’s break down the gameplay of Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat as we move along with the review. The combat, handled by developer NebulaJoy, is pretty good for a mobile game. The gameplay features each character having basic and special attacks, a dash, and a jump. Switching between characters is key for big combos, and the game supports controllers, though not for all interactions.

However, despite these positives, there’s a downside. Despite the combat gameplay being decent, you can easily see the problems quickly. Enemy models and attack animations change, but the combat pace stays almost the same from level to level. The 3D environments are there, but they don’t add much to the combat and gameplay experience. Linear-level design and repetitive combat encounters make the game lose some of its potential.

Devil May Cry Peak of Combat combos
Image via NebulaJoy

In practice, combat boils down to spamming basic attacks or a go-to combo and pressing other buttons when they flash. The lack of impactful feedback when landing attacks and the surprises from character deaths make it fall short, especially when compared to the mechanics of Devil May Cry.

Even if you’re into a similar game genre, Peak of Combat might still leave you wanting more. Overall, the game’s existence feels somewhat lacking in purpose, missing the mark on delivering a truly engaging gameplay experience.

Relive the Devil May Cry character design in Peak of Combat

In Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, you get to step into the shoes of some of the iconic characters from the beloved Devil May Cry series. It’s a chance to relive the adventures with characters you know, each bringing their unique combat mechanics and rarity levels to the table. The character design is well-executed, showcasing the familiar color schemes and seamlessly fitting into the thematic elements of the Devil May Cry universe.

Devil May Cry Peak of Combat characters
Image via NebulaJoy

However, there’s a flip side. While the game does justice to presenting these iconic characters, there’s an undeniable emphasis on appealing to a specific demographic. Dante, for instance, struts through the game with a heavy dose of confidence, clad in nothing but abs, leather, and sarcasm, exuding an excess of coolness.

Similarly, Lady’s representation is reduced to a miniskirt, machine guns, and a healthy dose of swagger. This reductive approach might have been more commonplace compared to other games before, but in the context of a modern game, it feels somewhat out of place. The character designs, while capturing the essence of the series, also carry traces of a certain outdated aesthetic that may not align with the expectations of today’s gaming audience.

Good graphics and audio but lacking proper character voice-overs

The graphics in Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat stand out as a commendable feature, offering a visually appealing experience. The game presents well-designed and detailed environments, enhancing the overall aesthetic. Character models are intricately crafted, capturing the essence of the Devil May Cry series.

The animations are somewhat clunky but manageable, and the visual effects during combat contribute to a good gaming atmosphere. Overall, the graphics contribute positively to the game’s presentation, delivering a visually striking experience.

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat V
Image via NebulaJoy

On the audio front, Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat maintains a strong audio presence. The soundtrack complements the intense action sequences, enhancing the overall gaming experience. Sound effects during combat are not that impactful, but they can add weight to each strike and special move. While the audio quality is generally praiseworthy, there is a notable omission in the realm of voice acting that impacts the overall audio experience.

Despite the good enough graphics and fine-crafted audio elements, the most distracting aspect of Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat lies in its voice acting. The choice of voice actors and the script execution seem to cater to a middle-school power fantasy, attempting to resonate with a teenage male audience.

Unfortunately, the line delivery consistently falls short, displaying a level of maturity and a lack of emotional depth. This aspect becomes a noticeable drawback in an otherwise visually and aurally compelling gaming experience.

The game boasts good Controls but delivers a poor UI

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat nails it with easy-to-use controls, featuring a d-pad on the left and action buttons on the right, making it quite intuitive for mobile gaming. Each character has their own set of buttons for primary and special attacks, dash, and jump, with the added twist of being able to switch between two standby characters.

Although it might take a bit to get used to the controls, especially on smaller screens, mastering the art of character switching is key for pulling off those slick damage-free combo attacks, which is a core part of the Devil May Cry combat experience. Plus, it’s a relief that Peak of Combat supports controllers, even though not every on-screen interaction, like minigames, syncs perfectly with external controllers.

Devil May Cry Peak of Combat controller settings
Image via NebulaJoy

Despite the game’s solid controls, the UI is a bit of a letdown. It’s like having too many buttons at a party; things get crowded and confusing. Even though the combat itself is pretty straightforward, the UI throws in a bunch of buttons that might make your head spin.

Managing cooldowns and keeping track of important info becomes a bit of a puzzle, especially when your thumbs are covering up all the action. This clash between easy-to-handle controls and a confusing UI takes a toll on the overall fun, making the gameplay feel less smooth and more like a jigsaw puzzle of buttons.

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat Monetization is not f2p-friendly

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat doesn’t shy away from an assertive approach to monetization, positioning itself more as a cash-centric game than a user-friendly free-to-play game. The game weaves a complex system heavily reliant on consumables, often pushing us towards real-money transactions for progression.

Devil May Cry peak of combat legendary hunter banner
Image via NebulaJoy

The in-game currency known as the Devil Gems, becomes an important currency for acquiring necessary items and facilitating upgrades. The utilization of gacha mechanics further intensifies the monetary aspect, introducing randomness in unlocking characters, particularly making the sought-after character, Vergil, challenging to obtain.

With only four initial characters in the roster, supplemented by the summons of upgraded forms, the character dynamics in the game can swiftly become repetitive and intricate. This assertive monetization approach, manifesting early in the gameplay experience, may potentially impact overall player satisfaction.

Final Verdict

From a reviewer’s perspective, we can say that in the realm of Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, the storyline feels a bit forgettable. It throws you into demon-filled chaos at Dante’s bar, hinting at collecting six artifacts, but the narrative lacks the grip that makes it truly engaging, especially for newcomers. The characters are there, but the dialogue seems a bit off, more like a middle-school power fantasy than a gripping tale.

Now, let’s chat about the gameplay. On one hand, controlling your characters is smooth, and the combat is okay, but it tends to get repetitive. The graphics are good, and the audio adds to the atmosphere, but the voice acting might make you cringe a bit. There’s some effort in character design, but it leans heavily on the old-school “cool” vibe, which might not click with everyone.

In a nutshell, Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat isn’t breaking new ground. It’s got some decent parts, like controls and graphics, but the story lacks that hook, and the gameplay gets a bit samey after a while. It’s like trying to bring back the old-school coolness, but it doesn’t quite hit the mark. If you’re a die-hard Devil May Cry fan, it might scratch an itch, but for others, there are better adventures out there.

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat Review by GamingonPhone

Gameplay Mechanics - 8
Storyline - 7
Character and Environment Design - 8
Graphics and Music - 8
Controls and UI - 7
Free-to-Play Elements - 6



In a nutshell, Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat isn't breaking new ground. It's got some decent parts, like controls and graphics, but the story lacks that hook, and the gameplay gets a bit samey after a while.

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