Marvel Snap review: Engage in card battles across the wide Multiverse

Snapping has never felt this satisfying!

Marvel has always astonished their fans with their remarkable games. The company has always come up with successful games such as Marvel Strike Force, Marvel Future Fight, Marvel Contest of Champions, and Future Revolution. Fans around the world just love this game and contest of champions, being the oldest still has the craze among Marvel fans. This time they have come up with another game; Marvel Snap which is an amazing card-based game. Here in this article, we will review Marvel Snap and share our first impressions of the game.

Lead your favorite Marvel characters in a tense battle of cards

Starting off with the Marvel Snap review, the game represents heroes in the form of cards, every hero card holds unique features and abilities that will help the players to play a winning card. The main gameplay rule is, in every match players will get a customizable deck of 12 cards that can be customized by the players on their own.

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The game is a 1v1 player, thus both the players will receive 6 turns equally. In these 6 turns, players can use cards from their deck and every card has some cost. In every turn, players will get sequential points starting from 1 to 6 till the last turn. Players get allotted some random three locations in a match. Every location also has some unique abilities that can result as an advantage or disadvantage for the players.

Players have to gather the highest point in at least two locations in a match to claim a victory. The game is not that easy at all, players have to always check, think wisely and then go for their move, or else they might lose their points and rank accordingly. The game has no storyline or a backstory to continue further and follows the simple rule of a card game that goes accordingly with the special locations available in a match. 

Marvel Snap features a stable progression and ranking system

Marvel Snap comes up with very valuable and worthy resources. All the resources are very useful and help the players at every step to keep towards progression. The best part is that players can easily earn rewards and resources by playing the game and successfully completing the missions. The game offers a Season Pass and Collection Level along with some assigned missions that help them earn Gold, boosters, Hero Cards, and a Collector’s Cache.

Rank up system Marvel Snap
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These resources are very useful and not a single one comes out to be an unnecessary scrap. The game provides a very basic yet interesting Ranking system for the players. The game begins with a Recruit rank for the players and then starts the main ranking from Level 10. In Level 10, players start off from Iron rank and then continue to Infinite rank which is the highest one in the game.

Players will get promoted to the next rank after every 10 levels. Interestingly, players have to maintain their rank by playing the games and claiming more victories. If the players get defeated, they will lose progression points and thus will end up getting demoted to the previous rank.

The game offers decent graphics along with simple controls

As a card game, compared to other finest games Marvel Snaps has good 2D graphics. The designs of the hero cards seem really amazing and it has that feature of attracting players. Other graphical representations such as revealing the cards, presenting a card, and upgrading the cards have eye-catching animations

Image via Nuverse

Marvel Snap also comes up with easy gaming controls. Players have to just swipe the cards in any of the locations provided in the match. The game is very supportive and friendly for the players. Players will not face any issues while playing the game at all. Also, the game is a very interesting one and players have to keenly observe and then go for the play.

You need not spend any cash to join the Avengers

Marvel Snap offers the players a Welcome Bundle where players will get the Hero card of Captain America along with 700 Golds. Gold is the primary in-game currency and players can buy Gold with real-life money and help themselves to go for other resources such as credit points and boosters in the game. By this we can come up with a feature, that is the game provides one of the best free-to-play elements.

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All the important resources such as boosters, credit points, gold, and hero cards can be earned by the players with the help of assigned missions and from Season Pass and Collection Level. All this is, along with the Season Pass is free for the players and offers great rewards at every stage they go further. 

Final Verdict

Hence, as an overall review, Marvel Snap is actually a really good game with one of the finest graphics and easy controls compared to other card games in the market lately. The game has a very interesting gameplay meta and is not that easy to play.

Players have to customize their deck of cards properly and think a lot before playing a card. The features of the game are all worth it along with the Season Pass, Collection Level, and Missions which are free of cost and make the game a favorable free-to-play pass time for all Marvel fans.

Marvel Snap review by Gamingonphone

Gameplay Mechanics - 8.5
Game Progression - 8
Graphics and Music - 8
Controls and UI - 7
Free-to-Play Elements - 7.5



Marvel Snap is a decent and fast-paced strategy-based card game from Nuverse. If you are a Marvel fan or a fan of simple card-battlers, then this is definitely a must try!

What are your opinions on the Marvel Snap game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments below!

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