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My Hero Ultra Impact review: Experience the latest addition to the MHA franchise

Experience the latest addition to the My Hero Academia franchise!

Bandai Namco has put out a new game installment in the My Hero Academia franchise in the form of My Hero Ultra Impact, a 3v3 combat RPG. Now while they’ve done excellent work with titles like Dragon Ball Legends, they’ve produced the occasional half-baked title that could probably use some work (Spoiler: this title is one of the best games they’ve put out in a while). In this article, we will review My Hero Ultra Impact and share our first impressions of the game.  

An easygoing title that suits well with the gacha newbies

Starting with the review, My Hero Ultra Impact looks pretty good and well designed right from the start. It’s full of life and has a lot of content (since it was released in Japan a year ago and has three million downloads already). The game has a really cool look to it. The game has a bunch of game modes and it manages to do pretty well without introducing too many new or hard-to-understand elements.

This doesn’t mean that there’s a lack of elements though and this game is suited for more experienced gacha enjoyers. It’s not hard but there’s a lot to do in the game. Overall, it’s a pretty laid-back title that doesn’t need a lot of attention from players. 

My Hero Ultra Impact Review
Image via Bandai Namco

The game starts off with a basic tutorial that introduces players to combat. Also, it starts off with unlimited free rerolls! Players can reroll as many times as they want to select their best multi. The game takes you through the story as you learn various new things and take part in a bunch of battles.

The combat is turn-based and mostly automatic without the need for much work aside from tapping once in a while to set up your fighters. There’s also an auto option that will let the game autoplay without the need for players to interact with it. 

Experience a unqiue gacha game that cares for its free-to-play gamers

For newer players or for those who need a recap, there’s Awakening Missions which have a bunch of tasks to guide players through the game and it’s recommended that players stick to them at least for the first couple of levels. 

The game has a bunch of quests that players can unlock and make progress in. The quests are Main Quest, Level Up Quests, Unforeseen Simulation Joint (USJ), Event, VE Tower, and Ultra Arena. So there’s quite a bit of content there to keep players busy. Aside from that, there’s a lot more to explore like the Dispatch, Gear Shop, and Hero Base 

My Hero Ultra Impact Review
Image via Bandai Namco

The game is actually really generous with its rerolls so it’s a lot more friendly than most other gachas are towards free-to-play players and nothing is locked behind a paywall. Players will have to grind for resources but that’s standard for all gachas. 

Overall, the gameplay is pretty solid if you’re into turn-based action. The game is really polished with a few events going on at the moment too so Bandai Namco is doing a decent job at managing the game. There were not many if any bugs or glitches observed during a playthrough. 

The game offers breathtaking visuals along with simple controls

The game is very pleasing visually. Both the 3D and the 2D visuals are awesome and blend together really well. The detail on the characters and just the detail into the whole game really looks pretty good while the animations are stunning.

There were a few frame drops and minor freezes here and there but that will vary from device to device. The audio is also quite decent with nothing to complain about. The sound effects, music, and everything else is just fine. 

My Hero Ultra Impact Review
Image via Bandai Namco

There isn’t much to the controls since most of the time players just have to click around on the screen so no cause for complaint there. The UI is also fine with nothing really feeling too cramped. Everything fits well and looks really vibrant. 

IAPs do exist but does not hamper the free-to-play ecosystem

The game does not have any ads so the gameplay experience remains uninterrupted. While it does have in-app purchases, the game has one of the best gacha systems out there with the rerolls. The only issue here was the pity rates which were not the best and could be improved. As mentioned before, this game is a lot friendlier towards free-to-play players than most other gacha titles out there. 

Final Verdict 

My Hero Ultra Impact is a pretty good game and one of Bandai Namco’s best overall. It’s got good turn-based gameplay, a nice story to play along to and it has most of its mechanics sorted out. It doesn’t really bring anything new to the table and might seem a little bland to some but it’s still good at what it does. Anyone who’s a fan of MHA and gachas should try this game out for themselves. 

The only issues were with the pity rates and while the game is F2P friendly, that road isn’t the easiest either. That being said, this game does well as a freemium RPG packed with content. 

My Hero Ultra Impact review by Gamingonphone

Gameplay - 8
Graphics and Audio - 9
Controls and UI - 9
Storyline - 9
Free-to-Play Elements - 8



It’s got good turn-based gameplay, a nice story to play along to and it has most of its mechanics sorted out. It doesn’t really bring anything new to the table and might seem a little bland to some but it's still good at what it does.

What are your opinions on My Hero Ultra Impact and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments!

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