Penguin Isle: A cute game to relax to

If penguins are your favourite type of animal, this is the game for you. Penguin Isle is an idle game, where you have to manage your island, by expanding it and adding new habitats and increase your income. Hatch new penguins and enjoy the relaxing and calming atmosphere the game has to offer.


Penguin Isle, idle games, penguin games
The fishing spot

This game is about building and expanding your own island of penguins, by purchasing new habitats. In those habitats your penguins will be working to generate income for you, to spend on either improving your habitats, expanding your island or hatching new penguins. 

You start with Adélie Penguins and building a fishing spot. A penguin – dressed as a fisherman – will spawn and start fishing for fish and earning some money for each click. You can automate this, too, by purchasing the upgrade.

Income in Penguin Isle

There are three different kinds of income in Penguin Isle. The first is being the gold you earn from your penguins. You can see that on the top of your screen. It was never explained how they count the gold, so it might be confusing for some people. But instead of using notations like M for million, they just use the alphabet, starting with the a and going up if it reaches more than 999.999. Personally, I find that confusing and would prefer the standard notations, but it’s nothing to put the game away for.

The next kind of currency is hearts. You get hearts from the penguins from time to time. A heart will appear above the penguin, which indicates she’s happy, maybe because of those fish that were caught. Click it, and you get some hearts. With those hearts, you can then upgrade your habitats to automate it and to increase the production value by 100% or more.

Penguin mobile games, idle games
Heart indicator over a chinstrap penguin

And the third currency is the gems you can buy from their store with real money. Although it’s optional. The game is for free and has monetization. It comes in the form of a store and ads as well. You have the option to watch ads, to gain more of something. For instance, you can summon a whale to get much gold, you could watch an add to gain 30 gems, or watch an ad to open a silver chest, to get one random creature. You can spend 200 gems to open a gold chest to get even three possible creatures, too. There are five different ways to watch an ad to gain something from. It’s unnecessary to do but suggested.

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Penguins and creatures

penguin mobile games, penguin isle
The Antarctic Explorer

Now regarding the creatures and penguins. You can grow your penguin army by hatching new ones. About every second new habitat comes with a new penguin to hatch. Each penguin will give you 150% extra production, so buying them is worth it! Over time you’ll have many penguins waddling around your island. And some of them are wearing worker costumes. They’re part of the creatures, which increase the production cost of the individual habitat they’re from. Other creatures involve polar bears or even fox terrier. Each creature is giving you a different benefit. The Arctic hare increases the offline reward time for production.

Final thoughts on Penguin Isle

Penguin Isle focuses mainly on being pleasant to watch with a great atmosphere and calming music. You can watch your penguins waddle around and admire how cute they are, on its own or in their little costumes. You’re able to check-in for a few minutes and then put the phone away and do other things. Overall it’s a good game to kill the time, but it does put an indirect pressure to watch the ads, so you can progress faster.

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