Tom and Jerry Chase brings back nostalgic memories from childhood

Another fast paced action hit from NetEase!

Games that are based on movies, real-life stories, animated series are now popular among the mass. There are a lot of new and upcoming releases that are based on cartoons. One of the games that join this elite list is Tom and Jerry Chase. Arguably one of the most loved animated comedy short films ever, the game is a new release that brings back childhood nostalgia. This article will focus on the review of Tom and Jerry chase and other features that are found in the game.

However, we expect the game to revolve around two central characters, Tom and Jerry, but many other characters are available in the game, which does give us more options within.

About Tom and Jerry Chase

Tom and Jerry: Chase is a 1v4 casual mobile game with competitive elements, officially licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and presented by NetEase Games. The former has been the producer of Tom and Jerry’s animation for a long time. As for the latter is concerned, it is a different genre for them, drifting away from their popular action titles.

The Cartoon

We expect that the animated series doesn’t need any introduction. The game perfectly recreates the art style of the original classic. Players can choose to play as Jerry or his friends in their effort to steal cheese or play as Tom to stop them from succeeding. The game got a global release on the 20th of August 2020

Engaging Gameplay and Sound

If you are jumping into the game with a lot of expectations, we still think you won’t be disappointed. You can find it engaging throughout, with many enjoyable cut scenes. You can also find the graphics similar to the animated franchise. There is no point in the game where you feel the graphics and detailing have been overdone by the developers. The gameplay lies on the smoother side and does not give any fluttering experience even when you are playing with low-end phones.

Tom and Jerry Chase

The music and the sound design in Tom and Jerry Chase are detailed as well. It does give you a feel of the classic cartoon and have a close resemblance to the thuds and falls that are from the cartoon. The background music is the original Tom and Jerry theme. The rest of the sound effects are really cool and it does make the game experience better.

Controls are on point

The movement keys are easy to understand. The basic controlling is simple, which includes the movement and jump. However, the problem lies in understanding the other buttons and in the quick usage of them, especially skills.

Controls in the game

There are certain options in the control menu that might come as troublesome. You end up being confused about what option is viable at that instant. The boosts or special skills can be activated on the right side of your screen. However, they will need EXP to get an upgrade, which can be obtained by progressing in the game.

Sufficient Game modes and Customization options

For a casual game, the game modes that are present right now are way more than sufficient. You can undergo training first, to get a good grip. The other game modes include Classic, Parkour, Ranked, and Casual. Out of these, the Ranked mode has an availability duration. These game modes are unique by each standard, also which does give the user an option to play according to his wish and interest.


Talking about the customization options in the game, you can change your character skins. You can purchase a skin for your character, either by using in-game items like Gold and Diamonds or by activating limited time offers from the shop.

Social interaction is also a big bonus, the game comes with a global chat option. Discussion of the game can be done there, or even some friendly off-topic chats. You can add friends and also join clans.

Tom and Jerry Chase comes out as an exciting refresh

No surprise, this game has already been one of the fan favorites. Many downloads within a short time of release make a lot of sound on the reception received. Games like these shouldn’t be critically viewed but instead enjoyed as a part of the memory from our childhoods. But when you consider it from a pure gaming point of view, review for any game is a must, and Tom and Jerry Chase is not an exception.

Tom and Jerry Chase

From a gamer’s point of view, it is an enjoyable action-comedy. If you are one among many busy persons hanging around for a time-pass entertainer, you do not need to dedicate much time but enjoy a few minutes of fun and relaxing gameplay.

However, you can identify that the game has its flaws. Favoring to its side, the game has just launched, so we can’t keep massive expectations and ask for a perfect game. Overall, a good attempt by NetEase Games to build a game with online modes adding spice to engage in a ranked system within. If you loved watching Tom and Jerry as a kid (or even now), you will like the game. Although you might find that there is less depth in the game, the characters and the training system will keep you hooked to the game.

What are your opinions and review on Tom and Jerry Chase? Do let us know in the comments!

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