A Clash of Clans fan shares an icon concept to indicate availability of Heroes before Clan War

Some interesting War ideas!

A Clash of Clans fan has recently shared an exciting concept that could greatly improve the Clan War experience for all the participants. The concept revolves around the introduction of a new icon that would indicate the availability of Heroes before initiating a Clan War in Clash of Clans. Well, let us look into it in detail.

The icon allows leaders to confirm if all Heroes of a player are active and available

You might have come across many scenarios, both as a player and a leader where you often encounter situations, say the Heroes are undergoing upgrades and are unavailable for Clan Wars. But there are times when things go awry when Heroes are unavailable but you are added to a war, by lack of communication or participants in the war. So, messing up an attack is a huge possibility here.

However, this idea suggested by Reddit user u/BE_WAFA is a simple way to get to know whether the heroes are not under upgrade and war ready. The concept shows that all the heroes will have an icon of their own which will be indicating their availability. All green ticks indicate all heroes are available, and if not, depends on the leader to take a risk.

When we think of this idea, we can easily say that this is really interesting to have, and also would be very essential for a clan. This concept, alongside the previously discussed ideas in the subreddit, selecting participants for Clan Wars by displaying their online activity and having Clan Member notes for efficient management would work wonders together.

coc updated hero interface, Clash of Clans Heroes
updated hero interface

The community gave a positive response to the idea shared, as they believed this would be beneficial for the game. Alongside the basic idea, indicating the time of competition might also be very helpful to plan and adjust the wars.

What are your thoughts about this icon concept to indicate the availability of Heroes before the Clan War in Clash of Clans? Let us know in the comments below!

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