A Clash Royale fan shares an Empty Tower concept which is customizable with any troop

An concept worth trying?

Leaving aside our usual praise of the r/ClashRoyale Reddit community on how great it is for concepts and to carry a healthy discussion, we will start this article with one more interesting Clash Royale card concept that has surfaced recently. The concept that was shared was of an Empty Tower building card, that has space on top where you can place any Clash Royale troop on top to defend. Bit confused? Let’s look into it further in detail.

The idea of having a witch on top of an empty tower is worthy of discussion

Reddit user u/MehmetSalihKoten has been very popular in the community for his various concept videos. He previously shared some very interesting card concepts such as the Magnet Building cardDrop-a-troop-BalloonClock Tower card concept, and Fan card concept. Once again, he has come up with another creative work that is being hailed as one of his best ever.

A brilliant Empty Tower building card concept that hit the creative spot of the player displayed an empty tower placed in the center, which is a cheap card for a mere two elixirs. What is impressive next is a Witch is placed, and this return made it a “Witch Tower”.

You can compare this with the existing Archer Tower, which has the Archers defending the tower with the latter having hitpoints as well. This is a great idea to use troops which has area damage, making it a great defensive building in the game.

Redditors consider the creator’s idea to be his best to date

A subtle jab was also directed at Clash Royale’s new Pass Royale system, which stated “Diamond Pass exclusive,” implying that if this card was ever released, it would be available exclusively to those who own a diamond pass. The article garnered a huge positive response from the community, with over 4.5k upvotes in a single day and counting.

empty tower concept reaction
Image via Reddit

Among the encouraging responses, a few individuals stated that this was the creator’s best attempt to date, despite the fact that it couldn’t compete with his bow concept shared recently in terms of user involvement. Some amusing questions about their brain processing the notion of having an X-Bow on top were also explored, which prompted some amusing exchanges along the way.

What are your thoughts about this new Empty Tower concept in Clash Royale? Let us know in the comments below!

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