April Fool 2021: Funniest pranks by developers which fooled mobile gamers

How was your April Fools Day 2021?

It’s that time of the year again… People are pulling off pranks on each other and game developers are also taking part in all the fun. Here’s a bunch of posts from game devs that either made gamers laugh out loud or got them by surprise. These posts are taken across a wide pool of mobile games where the developers either cracked up a joke or made wild April Fool pranks on the fellow gamers!

Wild April Fools prank on the mobile gaming community

1. Free Fire Patch Notes: Version 26.4.2

In this Reddit post on the r/freefire sub, u/FreeFire_Official, the official Free Fire Reddit account listed a bunch of funny-sounding Patch Notes which included things like the M1887 shooting confetti, blowing into the screen to make an in-game wind effect, and some other crazy stuff including a Rickroll! It did take some people by surprise and gave us something pretty cool to laugh at. However, an official update is coming on the 14th of this month and we’ll be getting real patch notes for it, so you can count on us for not rickrolling you.

2. MLBB News Express

Could MLBB actually be planning to form a music band? In a tweet by Mobile Legends Bang Bang’s official Twitter account (@MobileLegendsOL) gamers got to play a fun game of guessing and we might get the results soon!

A bunch of possibilities was listed and while they made it clear that they could be fake, they also said they could be real. These possibilities ranged from Survival: Nexus becoming a permanent game mode to MLBB buying an asteroid. It is needless to say this created a hilarious atmosphere among the gamers.

3. ClashPetz

In a short video tweeted out by Clash of Clans, viewers got a chance to see cute animals edited into the game as a joke, and to be honest, we don’t think anyone would be against pets actually being added to the game.

With the players awaiting the release of Town Hall 14 with a new update, Supercell made a prank on their community by teasing this new game mode which was needless to say made the players laugh out loud!

4. Brand new Tragic Items in Clash Royale

The Community Manager of Clash Royale, Drew tweeted out a small joke about Tragic items which can downgrade any card. For a second, players actually felt that this was going to be something that they’ve been asking for.

This news come on the context, that Magic Items (yes not Tragic) are supposed to arrive on Clash Royale. And on the eve of that release, players were expecting a big content update anytime soon. Thus needless to say that the hilarous announcement had an impact on the players.

5. Reversing the Skeld Map in Among Us

On the other hand, Innersloth, the devs of Among Us decided to spice up their game with this announcement on twitter,

The devs had made slight tweaks in the famous Skeld map, reversing the map totally and renaming the map to ehT dlekS. This in turn caused the rooms that usually are placed on the left of the map to appear on the right and vice versa. The Skeld’s textures’ reversal also made it look like the ship was flying backward, making the players confused for a whole day! Although otherwise, you can also reverse the Skeld Map on normal days by manually going through the settings and setting today’s date.

6. Critical Ops coming on Nokia 3310

Finally on this hilarous occasion, Critical Ops made this announcment,

Imagine playing a multiplayer first person shooter on your father’s Nokia 3310!

7. Interchanging Subreddits

Last but not the least, in an amazing turn of events, the mod team of r/FUTMobile and r/PESMobile the subreddits of two of the biggest Football mobile games, namely, FIFA Mobile and PES Mobile totally exchanged their outlook and getup.

April Fools Pranks Mobile Gamers

While the members had a difficult time getting adjusted to interchanged subs, there was total chaos initially. The admin team had interchanged images and descriptions of the subs and bamboozled the entire community! All the members had a great time uploading memes and vice-versa content related to the other game.

Well What a funny day! From the devs right up to the sub-reddit mods! Tell us about your pranks in the comments below.

What prank did you try out on your friend today? Did you fall for in any of the above April Fool pranks that the developers tried on mobile gamers? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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