Clash of Clans Hammer Jam event gives hint for the first big update of 2021

Who is ready for Town Hall ...

Supercell delivered a pleasant treat for Clash of Clans fans earlier today with the announcement of the Clash of Clans Hammer Jam 2021 event. The event was announced along with a 50-second trailer across the teams’ social media platforms and also dropped hint at a possible big update that could well be on the way. Hammer Jam is a long-time fan-favorite event in Clash of Clans and needless to say, the community is pumped up for it.

Clash of Clans Hammer Ham Event

The Hammer Jam event has become something of a tradition ever since it was introduced in the year 2018. The event typically precedes the release of a major update. The Hammer Jam event is highly popular among Clash of Clans players as it lowers the cost required to upgrade buildings using the in-game currency by half. It also reduces the time required for construction by half as well. Yes, you need exactly half the amount of cost and time to complete a building upgrade! So, no doubt most players will be eagerly looking to take advantage of the timed event.

Clash of Clans Hammer Jam 2021
Photo via Supercell

But the bigger question is, what sort of update will follow Clash of Clans Hammer Jam 2021 this time?

Clash of Clans Town Hall 14 update on the way out?

Earlier this year, Clash of Clans community manager Darian Vorlick hinted that a major update would be arriving in April this year. Darian hinted at this during an ask me anything session on the games’ official subreddit. Darian also said that Supercell had plans to release Town Hall 14, Town Hall 15, Town Hall 16 at a gap of approximately 18 months, and so on indicating that the company isn’t letting focus go of its premier franchise anytime soon.

The town hall update is arguably the biggest regular update for Clash of Clans and there is mounting speculation as to whether it could follow the Hammer Jam event. Whether the update would introduce a new hero into the game is doubtful but fans remain hopeful that big things are on the way. Initially, the update was expected to launch only in December 2021, but with the surprise tease of Hammer Jam 2021, Clash of Clans may well be in for a treat much sooner than they had expected.

How do you plan to utilise the recent Hammer Jam 2021 in Clash of Clans? Also are you excited about the imminent arrival of TH14? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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